Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's a Wrap!

If you’ve been here from the start you know, during National Sewing Month my writing focus has been totally on sewing. Throughout September, it was my hope to
inspire and encourage,
create an atmosphere
benefiting those who stopped by. I also hope along the road a new technique or tip or share helped in some small way.

This month, I also wanted to give others a platform to share insights into their world of sewing. I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know some of my family and friends.

Again, my humble thanks go to:
(in order of appearance)

Linda (my sister)
Jackie (BFF for over 45 years)
SueEllen (friend met through my sister)
Gail (neighbor/friend)
Arleen (met through the FB Sewist Group and now Facebook friends)
Leola (High School teacher and long time friend)
Joyce (met at the Burnet, Texas Arts/Craft Shows & we’re now Facebook friends)
Oleta (my mother)

 Another year, another National Sewing Month is over.

It’s a wrap!


  1. Lanetta, I have enjoyed becoming your friend on Facebook for several reasons but mostly because you're never too busy to answer a question, share your knowledge and your beautiful projects!

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, support, and for giving us all a reason to "stay tuned" to your next project - keep 'em coming - this was a great one as well! Arleen Delgado

  2. Thank you so much, Arleen! You not only made my day by leaving such a sweet comment, but you've given me the encouragement and inspiration to continue writing!

    I, too, am so glad we've become friends! Hopefully, someday, we can meet for coffee and conversation in person!



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