Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jackie's Insights

Today we have another guest blogger to share insights into their world of sewing. I hope everyone enjoys what Jackie has shared with us in this interview. I know I have, especially her lovely pictures!

Who taught you to sew?
My Mother
Mother made this prom dress for my oldest sister, Freddie

Why did you start sewing?
I liked the feeling of accomplishment of something I created.

What inspires you?
 Sewing for my grandkids
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2011

What do you love most about sewing?
Losing track of time.

What are your favorite things to make?
Anything that I know will make someone else happy, but I love, love, love machine embroidery.

What is your favorite sewing tip or trick?
Using a glue stick for the extras such as piping.

What is your favorite project you have created?
Santa Claus outfit out of red minky fabric.

What are you currently working on?
Just completed a Big Sister outfit for my granddaughter to wear at the hospital when her new baby brother arrives (in 2 weeks) and getting ready to attempt a belly dancers costume!

Thank you, Jackie! Please everyone, give her a shout out by leaving a comment below!



  1. Jackie is one of the most creative and gifted ladies I know!! I admire your gift!
    Diane O'

    1. I totally agree. Jackie is extremely talented and gifted! Thank you for leaving her a comment!

  2. I love that my kids get to be on the receiving end of mom's talent! Love you and thank you for sharing your talents.
    Erin (the middle daughter)

    1. You and your children are very blessed, Erin!

  3. My sister (Jackie) IS good, yes???

  4. Jackie,
    What kind of machine do you have for embroidery? How long did it take you to learn? I just love the items you have made. So glad to see how you have taken your craft and shared it with yours!

    1. Good question that I would like to know the answer as well!

      Jackie, would you consider giving lessons???


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