Wednesday, September 12, 2012


If you know me, or have read through this blog, you know how much I enjoy finding new discoveries on the Internet. However, at times I enjoy getting away from the computer, sitting back in my recliner, and savoring over the pages of a good sewing magazine. Sometime around the first part of August, I found a great one. The SEW iT ALL Magazine is now pretty worn out as I’ve read it over and over, picking up something new each time.

It’s too bad it’s not available via subscription. I’m confused. Their Facebook page “about” section says they publish yearly, but in an answer to a comment indicates a twice-yearly, newsstand-only special. Maybe they are changing their publication schedule due to meet a high demand! I hope so because I hate to think I have to wait another whole year. Fortunately, they do have a website! But then, I’m back at the computer!

My copy is Volume 4 and it says “Display until 8/13/12” – it’s too bad they didn’t think of keeping it on the stands throughout the month of September since it is National Sewing Month!

I cannot figure out how to order the back issues. I would in a New York Second! Oh, well. What an awesome winter read they would be!

I’m sorry this issue isn’t available on the newsstands any longer for you to pick up and curl up and read up on all the projects, techniques, and free patterns they offer. I highly recommend: keep an eye out for this packed-full magazine!

P.S. Do you have a favorite sewing magazine?


  1. Half Price Book Store on Northwest Highway in Dallas may have back issues, it would be worth you taking a stroll through their shelves!

    1. Great idea! Thank you for the suggestion!


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