Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sewing Saturday

When wanting – or needing – to sew, to create something new, how do you start the process?

  1. Do you just think of something out of the clear blue and go for it?
  2. Do you see something online or in a magazine that gets the juices flowing?
  3. Or, do you know you simply want to sew for the stress reliever, so you find yourself a pattern and fabric, then start?
 At different times, in different moods, I do all three.

Today, for example, I want to create a robe and coordinating pajamas for an 18 inch doll. Last night I went into my walk-in closet (aka back bedroom) and found the robe’s fabric I bought a while back, knowing someday I’d get around to it. I dug through my tubs of trims and found a couple of pieces that may work – depending on the design I end up cutting out.

Now I’m off to design a pattern if one in my stash doesn’t match my vision!

Happy Sewing Saturday everyone!

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