Thursday, September 27, 2012

Joyce's Insights

We have Joyce for our guest blogger today! She shares with us her insights into the world of sewing!

Who taught you to sew? 
My mother 
Why did you start sewing? 
Mom made most of my clothes and my brother’s pants – we were hard to fit back then (‘60s). When I turned 9 or 10, I started making these stuffed mice out of left over fabric and selling them at school for 50 cents each. Then I tried my hand at dresses and elastic pants. I’ve given up clothes sewing – that leaves me more time for other projects! 
What inspires you? 
Sometimes a pattern will inspire me to find the right fabric to make it out of. Other people’s projects are very inspirational so I love seeing other creations on the internet. My husband has been a good source of inspiration – he will find a fabric he likes and talk me into making a shirt for him out of it. Holidays and celebrations are another “reason” to create something special for those I love! 
What do you love most about sewing? 
What are your favorite things to make? 
BAGS, BAGS, BAGS – it’s an addiction! I also like making teddy bears and cloth dolls. 
I made this horse for Mom's day care center when she was keeping Maggie, Renee & Mark, Lindsey, Miranda & Cameron - so figure out how old that is. The years & hours of play had this feller looking pretty bad and I used Aunt Lydia's rug yarn on the mane & tail (if you remember that stuff then you know how old this horse is). Eyes were discolored, fur was all dirty, so I brought it home, took it apart, threw the pieces in the washer, then reassembled it with new stuffing, new leg joints, new mane & tail with a high dollar, super soft, bumpy yarn. I was real pleased with the results now I think I'll donate it to some worthy cause.

2012 First Place winner at Burnet County Fair
 What is your favorite sewing tip or trick? 
I don’t have any! 
What is your favorite project you have created? 
I just finished a suitcase sized bag from a Simplicity charity pattern with lots of zippers & pockets. I used a cotton print and machine quilted it first, then put the bag together. I even added purse feet:

What are you currently working on? 
Finishing up a few projects for a November craft show.

Thank you, Joyce! I so hope everyone who stops by will leave Joyce a comment!

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