Friday, September 21, 2012

Essential Tools

Today I thought I would share what the surface in front of my sewing machine looks like. It is here I keep the essential tools used when sewing at the machine. Don’t mistake this as an organized person sharing something. It’s a lazy one!

 When sewing, I must have these items nearby. Not just simply “nearby” but RIGHT there!

Curved clipping threads scissors
Small scissors
Seam ripper
Corner Poker Outter
(have no clue what the white thing is called, just what it does!)
Pins & Pin cushion
Wide stitch pressure foot
(so I don’t forget when I change to a decorative or zig-zag stitch)
Scrap fabric to begin stitching before fashion fabric
Bobbin ready to fill
Sewing glasses

Not every time will I use or need some of them, but when I do, I don’t like having to search for that perfect tool. It’s frustrating to waste time looking and looking, especially for the seam ripper – so I bought several and have them at different work stations. It’s not that I make bunches of sewing mistakes and have to rip out stitches. I do a lot of machine basting for guides and once done with that guide, will rip out the threads.

NOTE: Neither pair of scissors have finger holes - which is an awesome attribute for my hands!

Do you recognize the tools? Is there something I use that you haven’t yet tried? Why, for what, do I use such and such? Leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to explain further!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for another guest post sharing insights into her world of sewing! 


  1. Nope, you didn't leave anything out! Truth is, those are just the essentials...then comes the sad truth that many, many of us sew in "closet-sized" places or nooks...that means all you have to do is stand up, turn around (iron, cut, reach for a sewing notion), turn back and start sewing again!

    1. Too much room is overrated! Too many steps to get to ironing board, for example! The "closet-sized" can be much more efficient and a huge time saver!

      Thanks for leaving a comment ... so wish I knew who I was responding to!


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