Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We've Come a Long Way - Baby!

Oh, my! It’s amazing the advances made in sewing machines over the past century. Thank goodness! I know my mother learned to sew on a machine like this:
Circa 1910, Kheel Center, Cornell University
I’m so thankful I didn’t have to learn to peddle and sew and chew gum and think at the same time!

What is your favorite feature of your sewing machine?

For me, my #1 love: push a button and the needle will stay down whenever I stop sewing. This is great when removing pins before sewing over, making any adjustments, or pivoting at corners. It’s difficult for me to sew on a machine without this feature!

What feature will you get in your next sewing machine?
NOTE: One can never have too many sewing machines! EVER!


  1. I know what you mean! I still haven't taken my serger I bought almost a year ago out of the box! All kidding aside, I feel "need" is what drives the equation. I remember my cousins who had a machine like this back in the late 50's, early 60's and they did all three: peddle, chew gum and think - no problem! They sewed for a living!

    1. Oh, my! I don't know what I would do without my serger right next to my sewing machine! Get it out! It ROCKS!

      I know people managed, and thank goodness they did! I just know I probably wouldn't have gotten the hang of it and would have taken up knitting instead! ;)

  2. I totally agree, we have come a long way with sewing machines. I've sewn on more than I would like to remember or could. No sewing machine ever worked like "I thought" a machine should "feel" when sewing. I don't expect the smoothest ride, like driving a Cadillac, and I don't even mind a ride like a 63 VW, but I DON'T want one to feel like driving a 1948 tractor over a pasture where cotton rows were once plowed. Well, I have finally found the one for me...I bought it for my birthday this year. I have sewn more and been more pleased with my products than ever before. I bought a Janome 2030 DC from Thomas Sewing Center in Mesquite! I'm "riding high" on my new machine!

    1. Love it! Glad you're riding high now! What feature do you like best on it?

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  4. The feature I love...the "humm of a well made machine." This is the feature that sealed the deal for the purchase.


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