Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where Do You Sew?

Do you have a space dedicated just for sewing?

Are you looking for ideas how to better organize your stash and supplies?

What about submitting (2) pictures of your space to share with others on the website!?!

Won't be like this for much longer!

It’s easy for me to get lost looking through the pictures others have submitted. It’s how people like you and me make space to sew! For example, one woman shows how she’s utilized a closet! Another set up hinged screens to hide the sewing space within a living room. And, sometimes the pictures make me feel much better about my own sewing space!
A temp arrangement

I look for ideas to someday implement in my sewing space. Sometimes from one little picture, I find the perfect solution I’d been looking for! Check it out when you have a minute (or, like in my case – an hour or two).

Would love to hear about your sewing space – 


  1. One day long ago, I was looking through different websites about "fixing up your sewing space." I saw a photo that I kept kept going back to. A crafts person had her fabric stored in suitcases, and then stacked in neat columns. I took the concept and began a collection old suitcases from family and friends. I have my fabric in many of the suitcases and in others I have my photo materials, i.e., small frames, mats and photos to be framed.

    Back to my suitcases...some have been all over the United States, a couple have been to place across both oceans...and two have been to Naples and back!

    My studio, may be unorganized most of the time...but we go many places previously traveled, while in the process of being at home designing new creations. And someday...

    1. What a fabulous way to store fabric!

      I'm glad you happened across that website long ago, implemented the same for you, then shared with us! So many memories contained within each of your suitcases. I know they must give you warm fuzzies and inspiration from the memories, too!


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