Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Online Community of Sewists

Have you heard of Threadbias? It’s an online sewing community where you can “share your projects, sell your patterns, and join conversations”! It’s easy to sign up. It’s free, too! I’ve joined, but haven’t yet set up my studio.

You’ll find another community of like-minded folks on Facebook – the Sewists Group. Send a request to join and I’ll approve you as soon as I see it!

Yahoo!Groups has a slew of support groups. For example, I just did a search for “embroidery” and it found 2043 related groups! (I need to find one! I need help learning about my machine!)

I belong to several different Yahoo!Groups already. Some of the characteristics I look for before joining a group:
  • Membership required – weed out non-serious folks
  • Moderated – yes!
  • Recent activity – I want an active group!

Once you’re a member and the group doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always “leave the group” without any problems.

Do you know of any other online community for sewists?

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