Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gail's Insights

Our guest blogger today is Gail! In the following interview, Gail shares her insights into the world of sewing.

Who taught you to sew?
Mom taught me how to sew on a button and I did some simple embroidery as a child but in high school, I took home ec and finally got my hands on a sewing machine.
Why did you start sewing?
The spark began by wrapping little fabric scraps around a doll and calling it a dress, I remember my girls doing the same to begin experimenting with the fashion world. When I got to high school I wanted to make “real” clothes and did so for the next 30 years, then I discovered quilts!
What inspires you? 
Magazines, but mostly the creativity of other people.  I love attending quilt shows, in small towns especially, to see the wonderful hand work. And playing with color is really my biggest inspiration. To see the finished project inspires me to do the next one.
What do you love most about sewing?
It is so relaxing to be at the machine; unfortunately, my life has become so busy I haven’t worked on a project for months.
What are your favorite things to make?
I am currently only piecing quilts, occasionally I will make a wearable art piece.
This the first and only quilt I have made completely by hand.
Started in July/August 2000, in Hawaii.
Hand appliqu├ęd and hand quilted.
I finally put a border on it in 2009 and have it hanging in the house where I can enjoy it.

Beacons of Light quilt displayed at the Lampasas Show in 2008

Finished 3/7/2012
What is your favorite sewing tip or trick?
Hmmm? Too many to think of a single one to share. 
What is your favorite project you have created?
I love each and every one of my quilts, but my favorite is a crazy quilt Christmas jacket. 
What are you currently working on? 
I have a cheery Mary Englebreit quilt in my new frame to be hand quilted.  Gotta get un-busy so I can sit and stitch on it!

 Thank you, Gail! I hope everyone stopping by will leave her a comment!

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