Sunday, September 16, 2012

Linda's Insights

We have our first guest blogger today! I hope everyone enjoys reading Linda's insights into her world of sewing.

Who taught you to sew?  I haven’t a clue who actually taught me to sew. Did someone actually sit me down and say this is how you sew?  I hope not for their wellbeing. As a very young child I remember my mother and I going to the Sewing Center in Wynnewood Village, Dallas, TX.  During the hot months of the year, it was really hot in the store (no air conditioning in those days). The fabric had so many different textures and smells. My favorite smell was dotted swiss, but I didn’t like the texture - it was itchy. While my mother looked at the pattern books, I couldn’t sit still, and would often fall backwards out of the chair, hitting my head, and embarrassing her. She always consoled me, then back to looking for patterns.  If we finally agreed on one for a new dress, the material had to match “exactly” to the design on the pattern envelope, or I was not happy.
 I was born a girl, among an immediate and extended family of women sewers: Mother, Grandmothers and many aunts.  I hated sewing! Most of my neighborhood friends were boys, my close-in-age cousins were boys….I wanted to play ball and dig in the dirt.

Why did you start sewing? I haven’t a clue why I started sewing. Well, come to think of it, I guess, I do know.  I don’t have enough room in my current back yard to put in the size of garden I want, and I needed to do something with my time now that I’m retired.  Gardening is very slow in January, and during the periods of seed germination and plant growth.  I started hanging around a quilt fabric store in my neighborhood. Now don’t get excited and think I am a quilter! I’m not (that’s for another post), but I was again drawn to the textures of the fabrics, their softness.  The smells, well there weren’t any, not like I remembered as a kid.  Newer methods for removing excess dyes from the material had improved the eye burning experiences and the smells, in addition, air conditioning! The only patterns in the store are for quilts, pillowcases, etc…NO CLOTHES…my kind of store!

What inspires you? The smiles on the faces of those who receive the sewn gifts I give.

What do you love most about sewing?  One BIG point needs to be made clear…I do not love sewing.  I LOVE gardening, I love photography, I like sewing.  I must also admit, sewing now supersedes cooking, and maybe even canning; but I’m going to have to think on that one.

What are your favorite things to make? I enjoy making things that are NOT to be worn by anyone or anything.  So far, pillowcases have been the most rewarding. I have made a couple of table runners. I will be making table runners as Christmas gifts this year.  I hope to have the runners made and mailed out by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so folks can use the runners during the holidays.  I will be adding one special item to each gift, which will make the runner extremely unique, but can’t share details until after Christmas!

What is your favorite sewing tip or trick? My favorite tip: STOP SEWING when getting tired or frustrated with a project. In the past, I have been known to cut up the material into little pieces or to light the barbecue grill and burn it!

What is your favorite project you have created? Actually, I have three…the first being a throw for my mother to use when she is sitting in her chair, second, pillowcases for my grandsons, and third a reversible Christmas table cloth for a small side table.

What are you currently working on:  My garden!  However, I will begin Christmas table runners in a couple of days.  I just completed making a standard and a king size set of coordinating pillowcases for a dear friend’s birthday, and need a sewing break while the weather is a bit cooler.

Thank you for sharing, Linda! I hope everyone who stops by will leave a comment for her!


  1. Hi, Linda, it's funny how our beginnings as sewists may be so different. But between there and when all is done, most of us end up working towards putting our own personal (and unique) stamp on what we create. And I think we can all agree with you on how much pleasure we too receive when gifting what we create!

  2. Thank you. When someone smiles, from receiving a gift made especially for them, it does bring so much pleasure. Keep up the gifting.

  3. My sewing experience can be summed up fairly easily...none whatsoever. I find it totally frustrating. This feeling more than likely stemmed from homemaking class at Stockard Jr. Hi. Mrs. Otto gave us our assignment... a pullover, boatneck shirt. I carefully chose my purple gingham check material...loved it...could hardly wait to wow the world with my sewing skills (LOL). I'm probably the only student that wasn't allowed to wear her creation all day to complete the project...I'd taken so many stitches in and out, Mrs. O was afraid it might fall off... oh well. My mom was a good seamstress and my dad helped figure out patterns for her on occasion. I made clothes for my son and daughter when they were small...even embroidered a few rabbits on a cute dress for Katie. Fabric stores are a challenge...too many you know... every once in a while I feel the sewing bug biting...but that will be something to try again in retirement...someday. So until retirement comes, I will enjoy reading of your sewing adventures...and as the lucky recipient of a beautiful set of pillowcases....

  4. I understand your pain...Stockard Jr. High and Greiner Jr. High were not good times for sewing...or for many other things as I remember...thank God for had WPC!

    If the sewing bug is biting, SLAP IT QUICKLY

  5. Linda,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments. They were exactly "you". Was like listening to you while having lunch together.
    Wonder if Jr. High was fun for anyone?
    Know Helen Otto is laughing if they have Blogs in Heaven.


  6. Leola,
    Glad you enjoyed my comments...they are me! Speaking of lunch...we need to do that sometime soon.

    I don't know why we have to have junior high...maybe education endeavors have tried to mask it as middle school? Still a rough time in growing up.

  7. Thanks to everyone for their comments!

  8. Sister, Thank you for the opportunity to share my, Insights to Sewing...or not!


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