Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Sewing - Embellishment

Two questions are contemplated each time a new project is created at Lanetta’s Creations: what type of embellishment should be added and how much. At times the fabric’s print design with top-stitching is all the embellishing I think is needed. Sometimes the item calls for a bit more to make it that little “extra” to become extraordinary! It’s then the first question must be answered, what type of embellishment should be added?

When I think of embellishments, I think of: ruffles, lace, piping, appliqué, yo-yo’s, fabric paint, buttons, binding, rick-rack, cording, brads, eyelets, ribbon, charms, beads, fringe. Embroidery, smocking, and decorative stitching are also forms of embellishment! What else is there? I know I’m missing some!

Combining different forms of embellishing techniques either on aprons, doll clothes, or bags can be so cool, too! Take the apron designs found in any issue the fabulous magazine, Apron-ology!

By the way, this new issue
is expected
to hit the newsstand
in less than a week!
I can hardly wait!

Anyhoo… right now my focus is not only in searching for more techniques to embellish items handmade at Lanetta’s Creations, but easier ways to apply, helpful hints and tips, and whatever else I can find that will make answering that first question a snap!

Cool techniques using buttons and buttonholes are found at Threads Magazine's site. A must try on an upcoming project!

I’ve never tried Pintucking before, but with the great instructions I found, it's now on my list to learn how to do!

Rather than continuing on here, I’ll keep handy a blog site of embellishment sewing tutorials available around the internet that the author graciously compiled!

What forms of embellishment do you enjoy working with?

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