Sunday, February 26, 2012

Start Sunday

For weeks/months I have/had Lanetta’s Creations Studio “stuff” spread between the kitchen, living room, guest bedroom, and the back bedroom. Much too much! I know I’ve often said I needed to organize, but was never really able to get a handle on things. I must do it this time! I know I've shared pictures before. No need to embarrass myself again. 

This morning I started with the kitchen. Although I use the kitchen's island to cut out new items, however I don’t need it like it is/was! The island was only half functional for "kitchen" duty! I must change my thinking: “Oh, but I’m doing that one next” but next may be days or weeks away! No. Organizing, and even downsizing is a must, before anything else is created. Unless, of course, I receive a special order!

The buffet top here in the living room is now cleared of “stuff” that didn’t belong. Shirts ironed and hung in the closet (not in the doorway) and the laundry is now caught up and even folded/put away! I accomplished bit of dusting. Honestly, I only managed simply wiping off the thick layer of dust collected over the past month or so while I made Kindle/NOOK Covers and Aprons and Doll Clothes. An earnest effort of polishing furniture will happen once everything’s in its proper place. I am so tired of clutter! I know my husband must be, too! He's been a good sport and is supportive, and the major source of encouragement, but I know he tires of all the "stuff" around here, too. 

Over the next few days I must focus my energy on the back bedroom. It’s such a pitiful mess. I know what happened to it. One day I was in a rush to find tubs to pack & carry to one of the 2011 Arts & Crafts Shows. Yep! It's been that long since the disaster struck! It will also be a great time to see things I’ve not seen in quite a while and decide what to keep, what to downsize and share with another crafter/sewist! When the back bedroom is organized, I can then merge the “stuff” from the guest bedroom. It will be nice to have it look pretty and inviting in there again.

Well, I think I have a game plan. And, I have the resolve and determination to get ‘ur done!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Take Baby Steps

Are you a writer, artist, or creator of handmade items? Do you have a product to sell? Have you ever asked, “What can I do to promote my work and increase sales?” Because it is important for any successful business, effective promotion is essential. After reading numerous articles this morning, the key discovered: Take Baby Steps!

(Love this photo found posted to by Ian T McFarland!)

Start off by selecting 10 to 15 easy doable suggestions from this informative article 101 Ways to Make More Sales Online and implement today! This is exactly what will happen over at Lanetta's Creations!

Happy President's Day to my USA readers! Happy Day to everyone!

P.S. Which ones will you do? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts – New Bag in the House

Saturday I decided I needed – actually, I wanted – a new everyday bag. Although the main sewing part was done by Sunday afternoon, I had to give my hands a break from working with the thick quilted fabric. I finished the tad bit of handwork last night (only because the fabric was too thick to go through my machine) and now I’m ready and excited to “stuff” it with my essentials!

The lovely piece of quilted double-sided fabric was a “just because” gift from my sister. It took a while (months) savoring and contemplating what to create, then Saturday it hit me! I didn’t want to add another fabric and lose the back side contrast. The fabric is nice and thick on its own, so no need for any type of padding, and certainly would be too thick for self-lining. It was almost a machine breaker as it was! I finished the raw edges using the serger. 

I only used a commercial pattern piece to cut out the basic shape of the bag, everything else came from “making it work” as I went along. Only one pocket is sewn in (and can be seen from the outside), and it's on the side of the bag. Two other custom made pockets inside hang from the “waistband” so only I know where they are. One has a flap to keep little things like lipstick and lip gloss from falling out. The other hanging pocket, I can easily slip my cell phone down in and its weight should keep it there nicely. I rarely put a pocket on the outside of a bag or purse. It’s not a safe place to keep anything, so why waste the time and fabric?!?

The exterior flap has a hook and loop type closure. I took a scrap of the fabric and took it apart from the padding & backside and made the pretty yo-yo, then added the button for a bit of embellishment.

I quickly discovered the recommend buckram, or some type of stiffener, was needed for the bottom of the bag. The Translucent Drapery Buckram I purchased along with the pattern was not near stiff enough for this fabric so I blew it off (originally!). Not to mention, the entire bag was already sewn together! OOPS! What I did... I made a sleeve effect and slipped a piece of cardboard inside, then stitched the end closed. I then used good ole hook and loop and attached it to the bottom! Now, if I need to wash the bag, I can pull it out without any problems!

It will be a while before I create bags for Lanetta's Creations. When I do, it will be a custom made, specific order indeed!

Don't let commercial patterns be the law of the sewing room! Make it work for you! If you ever need any help, contact me and I'll do my "bestest" to work things out with you! Or, feel free to join the Sewists Group on Facebook and ask away!

Now I'm going to transfer my things into my new bag!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mix Up - Hong Kong Seam Finish

Rather than bookmarking into favorites, I'm posting this discovery I found interesting for future reference. Maybe it will interest you, too. I found the cool discovery at:
I'd never heard of a Hong Kong Finish to a seam before! At Sew Daily they explain what & how in their Get The Designer Edge on Your Garment blog post. Wish I had had this information before I simply surged the seams inside the new (for me) bag I made over the weekend!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Start Sunday

“Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner.” - Les Brown

What are your goals? How do you become (and stay) motivated? Are you charging after them, or waiting for something to get you going?

Something to think about!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Sewing - Bag

I’ve spent way too much time last night and this morning revamping and redesigning this blog site. It’s still not like I want it, but it will do for now. When changing the template design, I lost the widget for folks to easily click “like” for Lanetta’s Creations Facebook page. Oh well. I’ve tried & tried to get it back using their code, but something’s not meshing together correctly. Maybe another day, another time…

It’s Saturday and I'm ready to sew! In fact, I’m ready to design and create a new bag for me! I’m tired of the one I’ve been using for over a year now ~ winter, summer, spring, or fall ~ it didn’t matter! In my opinion, the faux leather only gets better looking as it ages. I love this purse, but I’m simply ready for a change.

The week was spent creating Kindle Fire or NOOK Color covers/sleeves for Lanetta's Creations ArtFire shop. Will continue making more next week when I go back to work!

I haven't yet decided what fabric to use for my bag...

What are you working on?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mix-up

Good morning! I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday. Go ahead, mix-up everything and learn something new today! (I found this photo by MarkHillary on 

I'm taking a break from writing articles for a while. So rather than me listing different websites I've found this morning, this day, for this post, I'm asking you to comment with a link to a favorite craft idea, organizing tip, something inspirational, something, anything.

Are you out there?

Just wondering!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Start Sunday

Photo by Coolhand3011
It goes without saying it’s not just on Sunday that I begin the day with a heartfelt dose of gratitude. My morning prayers always begin with a “Thank You”. It’s the way I start Sunday, and every day.

Today’s post is different than what I usually write about. Today I’m sharing a personal story. The purpose is filled with the hope that encourages you to always stay true to your own heart. It's a reminder, not just for you, but for me, too!

I once received a book filled with instructions on how to pray. The giver wrote an inscription congratulating me on graduating from college after years of off/on pursuit (2006). Within her congratulatory comments, she suggested / directed me to this page and that page within the book. Although I’ll always appreciate the gesture, oddly enough however, reading through it almost destroyed me. According to this book, to this writer (and apparently the giver), I have never prayed correctly. And, because of this, God never would hear my prayers (or that He had ever heard them throughout my years).

Other than my husband, who saw my flood of tears at the drop of a hat, it took me several months to reveal my devastation to anyone. When I did, I found out my dear friend also had a copy of the same book. I learned she had never interpreted it the way I had. She got her book off the shelf as I pointed out the different writings ~ I had gone through my book over and over again, using a yellow highlighter, noting the tear stained places I found crushing my spirit. The author used scripture to show how to pray “accurately” is the only way to have prayers heard.

She was baffled. She spoke with her pastor and it was then both of them saw/read what I immediately saw/read. When she got back with me, she (and her pastor) agreed with my husband ~ who had been trying to tell me all along ~ and assured me that my conversations, my prayers with God were indeed heard, always had been, always will be.

I burned the book. I didn’t want it in my home, on my bookshelf, anywhere around me. In a way, I wish now I had first made a photocopy of the inscription. But, since it included references to different pages within the book the giver thought I should read, it is better I didn’t keep a copy. It would only be a reminder of what the giver really thought of me and how she believed I needed to learn how to pray correctly and accurately–

I do. I’m heard.

It’s beyond me why I felt the need to share this story today, or ever. Maybe there is someone reading this going through a similar situation of questioning ~ rest assured, God hears you!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Sewing

Hello Saturday! I caught myself glancing at my sewing machine several times yesterday while I worked on bookkeeping “stuff” I had to get done. This morning I spent just enough time getting caught up on 2012 and now I can turn on the machine!

That’s where I’ll be today… making more fun Kindle Fire covers!

Sold Kindle Fire/NOOK Color covers - possiblities are endless!

What are you doing today?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun - Not!

Well, it's oops time around here! I've neglected to maintain accounting records on a daily or weekly or monthly basis for 2011! That side of the brain only works once a year! And, it's that "once a year" time over the course of the next SEVERAL HOURS! Poor me, I must stop being creative and do what's required!

(Photo by David Reber's Hammer Photography)

At least, my receipts are organized. I just need to record them in their proper place for the in-house tax man waiting not-so-patiently!

I'll be back at the sewing machine or on the laptop writing before too long...that's the game plan anyway!

Hope everyone has a fabulously fun-filled Friday, not an OOPS Friday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Thoughts - Aprons in the Raw

Back in December, I wrote about creating a new shop section at Lanetta’s Creations called Aprons in the Raw. I did add the section, but I haven’t yet added any items, pictures of fabric pieces one can select to have made into an apron in a style of their choice.

The delay from adding anything comes from my thoughts: how best to do it!

How do I show the different style of aprons possible with a selected piece of fabric and its coordinating colors? How do I indicate the price for this style or that style? What if I price it for a full apron with gathered skirt and bib effect, and the client prefers a straight chef apron, or a waist apron?

This is my dilemma!

For example: I have this lovely piece of retro print fabric and a couple of coordinating pieces:

This would work well in several different styles!

I can envision a chef apron with the retro print as the main focal, pockets in the yellow checked gingham, trimmed with the solid green.

Or, this fabric made into something like my "Fair Design" would be lovely.
 I've created several aprons based on the halter top design, the "Fair Design":
I bought a new pattern, with this retro fabric in mind, from McCall's (but it's not listed on their website!). If I were to do a "spec" apron with this fabric combination, it would be this one:

What to do? What to do? Any suggestions how best I should approach the Aprons in the Raw studio section? Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Oh, Happy Groundhog Day, too!

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