Friday, September 13, 2013

Sewing Magazines

Do you browse the Internet, read blogs and/or websites, or follow Pinterest to get the latest information on sewing techniques and current trends? I do this quite often, but sometimes holding an actual magazine in my hands simply feels good. It’s the slick pages, the ability to jot down notes here and there, and they are easy to roll up and stick in my bag to look at while waiting for an appointment.

Especially doctor appointments… I won’t touch magazines laying about the waiting room, or inside the exam room… you know, sick people are there touching those things! I don’t suffer from germ phobia, but I’m not going to expose myself unnecessarily! Just my opinion/thought!

I digress…

I picked up Stitch the other day while at a fabric store.

It was the first time I’ve read this one. It’s quite informative, and it also includes patterns! Then I came home and looked it up on the Internet. After the no-cost registering, the same exact information is free on the SewDaily website! Personally, I find that odd.

Sew it All magazine is my favorite.

I should get a subscription, but, oddly, I like the process of picking it up at Joann’s. I also watch their television show on PBS whenever I can.

SewBeautiful is another lovely magazine I enjoy on occasion.

Although I’m not interested in heirloom sewing, I always learn something while browsing this magazine.

Quilting magazines are among my stash.

Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting

and their QuiltyMagazine are tops!

I watch their PBS show whenever I’m home.

It’s too bad the Dallas area doesn’t have more sewing, quilt, or craft shows on their PBS stations. I was surprised momma’s cable stations only as ONE – the Sew it All program on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m.! One would think with this market they would. Oh, well.

Do you enjoy looking through magazines? What’s your favorite?

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