Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sewists Stocking Stuffers

Do you ever wonder what to put in Christmas stockings for the sewist in your life? My answer: Sewing Notions! What tools do you wish to see Christmas morning stuffed in your stocking? My answer: Sewing Notions!

While visiting a fabric store, my favorite place to browse is along the sewing notions display. Ah! I love that we have so many helpful tools to make sewing easier!

One can never have too many sewing notions! Duplicates? No problem! One can stay packed in the carry-all for gatherings or next to the easy chair, as well as close to the sewing machine.

What will fit in a stocking?

NOTE: I went to one site (Create for Less) to get pictures to share so you can see what I’m suggesting. I’ve never used this site for ordering. I’m not endorsing them, per se. It was handy because they have everything I wanted to mention!

Seam ripper – comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. I happened to “wish” for something like this one because of the ergonomic handle! Not to mention, it’s PINK!

Dritz Quick Turn – my goodness, I would hate to think of turning anything right side out without having this splendid tool!

Long Tweezers – yes! Not for eyebrows, but for threading a machine! Works beautifully! 

Awl – for that little extra push to get the fabric started. I haven’t seen one in PINK! How cute! And, it’s ergonomic, too! 

Water soluable marker – at least one that is dark and one light (for using with opposite colored fabrics). I found this package of three! 

Point Turner – a wonderful little tool that gets in those corners! I’ve had and used one for years! 

Spring Action Scissors – curved blade, quick grab & snip machine threads – LOVE mine! No fiddling trying to get fingers in the holes! 

How about a package of new straight pins? My favorites are the flat flower heads.

 Liquid Stitch – it dries clear and is washable after 24 hours! 

The little 6” Sewing Gauge is a small tool useful in many situations! 

The “traditional” needle threader looks something like this: 

But, a friend of mine had these “floss threaders” at a quilting event we had rather than the “traditional” needle threaders and they worked wonderfully! (Much cheaper, and never broke!) TIP: You may want to attach a little note explaining it’s for threading a needle, rather than giving a subtle hint they need to floss! 

Take the time to browse through the notion displays! So many more options for the sewist in your life!

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