Saturday, October 17, 2015

Turning Scraps into Fabric

Last week I stumbled upon a great article, Use Every Wee Bit and decided to try it! Well, my first attempt worked out sorta okay, but I had issues since I don't have an extension table next to my sewing machine! Threads kept falling off before I could stitch around the perimeter!

It's not too bad...

While sorting my stash of fabrics, looking for colors to match here and there, I came across itty bitty scraps left over from a doll quilt I made a couple of years ago.

I couldn't trash them, but I sure wasn't going to use the tiny squares and strips! So.... I thought about adapting Judith's instructions to make it a little easier for me! There's just so many ways I can hold my mouth to keep things all in line!

Just in case I missed a spot, rather than using muslin, I used a scrap of leftover backing from a quilt.

I gathered some pinks...

And, some blues...

I used (OUTSIDE) a bit of basting spray to the right side of the fabric, then placed the fabric on a piece of cardboard, gluey side up!

WORKING QUICKLY - before the basting spray drys, I placed the fabric pieces here and there...

Totally covered ~ just about ...

Cover with water soluble stabilizer...

Carefully take the "sandwich" over to the machine with stabilizer on top. Stitch around the edges, then stitch and stitch, and stitch more! I used dark thread on the bobbin so you could see it better...

Take to the sink and rinse and rinse and rinse out the stabilizer! 

I think it turned out rather nicely! Now I have 2 pieces of newly created made fabric to use with the main focus piece in the next Action Quilt!

BTW: Once the stabilizer is washed off & you think you need to add more stitching, no problem! Put on another piece of the stabilizer and go for it!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Print (or) PDF

I’m excited! I discovered a really cool widget today here and added it to my blog! Actually, it’s for you! If you ever want to print out a specific article or tutorial I’ve shared, simply click on the “Print PDF” button!

The program has a few glitches, but it’s worth a shot!

I went to the “Chair Bound” article and this is what it looks like, way down at the bottom:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Let Others Know!

In my blog articles, I focus on the positive. Providing inspirational ideas, creative suggestions to get the juices flowing, and thoughts to ponder, it is the reason I write. From comments left on my personal Facebook wall & Lanetta’s Creations page, and the handful left here, I know people stop by on occasion and read what I’ve shared.

That’s fabulous!

I’m wondering, though, what does it take to get folks to “share” one of my articles? Maybe they aren’t particularly interested in whatever it is I’ve created.

But, for example, a wheelchair quilt with a foot pocket ~ maybe one of their friends or family members may, if they knew about it!

Or, at least, want to know someone who could make one for a Loved One! ~~~~ Me!

When I share an Action Quilt (aka Fidget Quilt) I’ve made, it absolutely breaks my heart when I hear:

“I wish I had had one for my (insert Loved One) before (s)he died.”

Recently, I had a lady place an Action Quilt on her lap and fiddled with the different doo-dads. Tears filled her eyes as she told me, “Oh, I wish my Daddy had had this before he died.”

I’ve said it many times: I’m always late to the party.

But, I’m here now.

I just need to figure out how to get others that know, let others know!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Crossing the Cattle Guard

8:08 a.m.

Can you hear it?

That’s right! Nothing!


Total amazing quietness surrounds me!

I even took out my hearing aid so I wouldn’t hear the girl’s toenails hit the floor while pacing around, looking for their daddy, or the leaves rustling against the breeze, or the newborn kittens in the front flowerbed crying for their momma – waiting for her to get back from hunting!

It’s been a wonderful 6 days, 5 nights with Momma here…

I’m so thankful we had the time together.

It’s now time to hit the floor running…
             After I have a relaxing cup of coffee…….

                      After I have a minute, or ten or thirty to absorb the quietness surrounding me.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good morning, October!

My 86 year young mother leaves in the morning after almost a week with us here at the ranch. It’s been a delightful visit, creating a host of memories I will treasure always. I posted a photo-journal of most of our daily events on Facebook. Through this album, I’ve shared with family and friends, and now you! It is such a blessing to have had this time with her.

Although I have a major custom order to finish (thankfully, the completion delay is understood), I have worked on it a bit while she has helped me tremendously by sorting through my trim stash!

That is, once she’s come inside from working on touching up the mural she created back in 1994ish!

Still, I’ve been having an internal fight with myself to not worry about the order, but to focus on Momma, and my time with her.

This is a total reminder… focus on the day…

And, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

We’re crossing the cattle guard in a little while, heading south for our last outing before Bud takes her home tomorrow! We have errands to run and a fun meeting to attend this morning, then more errands!

I’ll let tomorrow take care of itself…

it usually does!

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