Monday, September 2, 2013

Dreams to Reality

I know I’ve discussed the concept of “organizing” several times over the years. Really, bottom line, organizing is a quality that alludes me. I’ve tried and tried. And, sometimes, in some places ~ or areas of my life ~ I am rather organized. However, the crafty sewist organizational part of Martha Stewart, I am not, but I want to be…

I make my to-do lists and check things off. I have grand dreams of this or that and sometimes will actually pull it off and it is then dreams become reality. Like the Spring Ho Grand Parade – I wanted desperately to spread the word about National Doll Day (the 1st Sunday in August) – and all that that entailed getting it together to make a big splash. Making the dolls new outfits, decorating their wagon, then making myself a new blouse (I haven’t made myself anything in YEARS) almost didn’t happen at the last minute due to a family emergency, but all worked out! And, I’m so glad it did! I had such a grand time!

It’s rare and far between, that is, the occasion I can get organized. Then it’s the constant struggle to keep things in their proper place when I’m finished with the project(s). What is it about not wanting to let go, to put the left over fabric back in the color coordinated tub, to wait for the next (albeit smaller) project? I need to stop stacking the pieces on the corner of my sewing table!
So nice & neat ... wish it stayed this way!

Am I the only one with this challenge?

I've done my thread... 
Better than one large box holding all the different colors!
but it's not very pretty!

While away from my studio, my mind wanders how best I can set up a sewing & craft space within the area I have to work with, and keep it that way no matter if company comes or not. I must have a space. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve heard and read about various “sewing spaces” others have … from itty bitty space, to a huge area, large enough to move around in, yet have everything within arms reach. I know – when I return to Lanetta’s Creations, and get busy again – I can, and will, get better organized. Yes!

In the meantime, I’m searching for ideas …

I love the array of suggestions to organize sewing supplies that All People Quilt collected!

OH my Goodness! Sharon has collected over 400 different organizing ideas on her Pinterest board! You go, girl!

Although I don’t have a picture of my sister’s sewing studio, she uses mostly vintage suitcases to store her fabric. I saw this picture and it reminded me of her set up.

I did a Google image search “sewingroom storage solutions” and came up with oodles and oodles of pictures! Another great source chalked full of ideas!

I could go on and on posting links, but I think you get the idea!

How do you keep your sewing things organized?


  1. Thank you sister, for mentioning my use of vintage suitcases for organization of my sewing room. Well, I try to keep things neat, but in doing so, it takes away from my time of sewing. YOU are so creative and produce such a variety of items, and you do this and not be "organized" then forget keeping things neat, just keep on creating and sewing!!! Remember Martha Stewart has folks to help her stay neat...Also, remember your go look closely at her back room...

    1. Thanks! hahahahaha.... So, true! I can't get in her back room!


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