Monday, October 21, 2013

Accountability to Myself

Working up my three “game plan” agendas before I left Dallas and returned home, able to get back to the studio, was the best thing I could have ever done! It so helped me stay focused on things I wanted to accomplish ~ besides a bit of housework and home renovations! Part1 is now officially done!

I created Momma’s phone pocket necklace and got it in the mail to her on Tuesday (Monday was Columbus Day, so no mail)… she loves it! I will see her this week and will take a picture of her wearing it! But, for right now, this is what it looks like…

I think he’s a cutie! I couldn’t follow the pattern/materials per se on the owl pincushion, but I don’t think anyone will notice! I didn’t have any yellow felt, so had to use the thin foam board for the beak and feet. It sews beautifully! Also, I wish I had used the more solid looking pink for the body’s front and the noticeable print for the pocket. Didn’t “see” the difference it would have made before I stitched it all together! Her instructions were clear and easy and had a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. I didn’t have anything she suggested to add weight to the bottom after stuffing… so I used washers (like bolts and washers, washers) from my husband’s workshop! He’s not fallen over once!

My first project working with Pet Screen went well, but will use a bit more screening in the next creation! I love the fun print on this one and wanted more of it to show. 

Scary zippers aren’t as scary any longer! I didn’t use a pattern, just based the bag on the size of the zipper! I like the angle of the print I’ve seen on other bags and just did my own thing on this one. I believe a fun zipper pull is called for, but haven’t yet decided what to make… still thinking about it!

Oh, My! This is what happens when you take a boring lamp & lampshade and turn it into something magical…


With my 1.5” left over scraps, I stitched them together, machine quilted, then applied a binding… and made a “mug rug” which works beautifully with my mouse!

And, now my sewing room will always have a yellow rose….

I have finished the First Christmas gift and I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow! Once received, yes, it’s an early gift, I’ll post pictures! Even if it’s not liked, or wanted, it’s the thought that counts! Right!?! At least, I created it with lots of love.

Okay. I’ll be honest. The fabric origami wallet didn’t turn out nicely. I don’t like the way the wrong side of fabric shows when no bills are in place. I’ve pressed out all the folds and will just do something else with the bandana fabric! Maybe someday I’ll try another origami design.

More shopping bags… a long way to go….

1,612 to go!

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