Friday, January 4, 2013

Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Ten Lords-a-Leaping. This phrase certainly symbolizes the Ten Commandments. I found a very nice, informative article about the Ten Commandments while searching for a photo or graphic to share. I’m not sure of the proper photo credit, but it was with the article by Indy Bikehiker (John Franklin Hay).

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I looked and looked for a “bed cape” pattern that I liked well enough to sew up for my mother. I only found lovely crocheted or knitted ones, but I had about two yards of fleece I wanted to use. It was in my mind to make something such as a bed cape, but not really for bed. I wanted something she could throw around her shoulders to keep that nasty draft off the back of her neck or hitting her chest as she piddled around the house or relaxed in her recliner.

Without a specific pattern, I began to cut, try on, adjust and cut some more! I hope the following progress pictures will inspire you to simply go for it!

I folded the fabric & started cutting out the neckline, tried it on, then adjusted some more

I then measured/marked around from the neckline for the length, making it a tad longer in the back & cut

The marking isn't rocket science!
With the large scrap piece left over, I cut out a section to go as a lapel

I wanted "points" to be at the bottom front of the shoulder cape

I pinned the straight edge of the "lapel" to the front edges of the cape
I then cut one piece from the left over fabric about 9" x 60" and folded in half lengthwise
and stitched to the neck opening, leaving the ends of the tie "free"
To add a bit more of points, I trimmed the ends of the collar/necktie into points -
like one would do ribbon.
NOTE: The neckline seam is not layer trimmed, or did I stitch it down like "normal" - just left it be!
It was never my intention to put a "normal" hem on the cape, but I wanted something,
so I used a decorative stitching all around.
Momma likes it!
(I should have taken a picture when she had the ties tied! Oh well!)
And, it swoops down in the back just enough to make it "dainty" !!!
Try working with some fleece! It's nice to work with!

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