Thursday, November 2, 2017


Another month, flown by in the blink of an eye!

The original quilting machine and set up have left the building! We get our living room back and a new quilter begins her journey. Win-Win!

Although purchased in October 2016, the new machine and shorter frame in my dedicated sewing room has been set up since April 2017. I promised myself not to use it until the original was sold. I kept that promise.

Now I’m almost ready for a “Quilt Fest”!

The past few weeks I’ve been scrambling to get quilts done, to cover Veterans at our upcoming American Legion Post’s Christmas party in December. I’m on my 4th top and a friend is also making one for the cause. Soon I will have a quilt fest and get them all quilted using my new machine! I can hardly wait!

In October, I made another promise to myself… from now on I will make at least one Veteran’s quilt a month. I then will have spares for new members, or current members that come back to a meeting! Not to mention all the veterans in Lampasas County and beyond who need to be covered!

Because winter is coming, it will be an easy promise to keep. Maybe I can even push it to get more than one done per month, to carry me over the spring when it’s time to get back to yard work, and keeping chickens!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

First Full Day of Fall - 2017

Fall began yesterday afternoon. Already.


I’m looking forward to cooler days, and praying for a bit of much needed rain.

Although September is National Sewing Month, something I’ve “celebrated” in years past with a daily blog article, this year caught me off guard!

I found their theme: “Sew for the Beauty of it” perplexing!

I don’t decide the theme. In partnership with the American Sewing Guild, National Sewing Month is presented by the Sewing & Craft Alliance. They make the decision of what to focus upon.

Back in the summer, I discovered the theme for 2017. It was then I began to ponder, gather, and prepare what I wanted to share throughout September. I love celebrating the act of sewing!

I found the prior years easy:

However, this year’s theme “Sew for the Beauty of it” was certainly thought provoking! It’s not easy!

I reached out to family and friends on Lanetta’s Creations Facebook page and a couple of groups, asking what “Sew for the Beauty of it” meant to them…

Some feedback I received:

Sherry answered:

Beauty of the craft, history, art, further generations, love, most is beauty of giving and making. And beauty of the heart that’s put into it.

Valarie wrote:

The beauty of the end result but also the beauty of the process that results in that end result. And can't forget the beauty of the souls who make crafts and share their art with others!

Linda shared:

One way it would have meaning to me is: The sewn project provides a visual time of pleasure in looking at the final result. During the sewing of an item… the touching of the fabric and putting the seams together brings satisfaction in the completion of an item.

Pat replied:

It would encourage me to sew for the sheer pleasure or beauty of the experience and for the pleasure of the finished project.

“Sew for the Beauty of it.” 
What does that phrase mean to you?
How would/do you sew for the beauty of it?

Bottom line, it’s subjective. It is what one brings to the table…

Most unusual for me, I’ve not had the motivation to sew but one time so far this month. That was when my sweet Momma came to visit. She was a huge help organizing a couple of tubs filled with fabric. 

I got the 11th and final drawstring backpack done and all mailed out for the kids at Marty Indian School in South Dakota.

Too much going on to focus, even for the beauty of it.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Isn't Enough

Sometimes thinking and dreaming of what to create next isn’t enough.

Sewing for the children attending Marty Indian School in Marty, South Dakota
Creating Veteran’s quilts
Creating Memory Quilts for a friend
Making walker bags
Making aprons
Preparing for an upcoming Christmas Bazaar

One would think it’s enough.

But it isn’t.

My mind races while thinking of all those things going on around me in which I have no control.

I must STOP fretting and worrying about other’s problems along with all the hatred in this world. It’s not doing me any good. In fact, it’s causing me to have issues I certainly don’t need!


I catch myself clenching my teeth together ~ hard! I have to consciously tell myself to relax.

I catch myself holding my breath. I must tell myself to just breathe. Over and Over.

I have recently discovered a very relaxing thing to ponder. It seems to be working!!! It is…

Keeping Chickens!


I’ve subscribed to numerous contributors and watched BUNCHES of youtube videos while in Dallas over the past couple of weeks. I’ve pinned on Pinterest a lot of ideas on this and that. I found & joined two Facebook groups about Keeping Chickens. And, I have read many blog articles on Keeping Chickens.

BUT, the BIGGEST plus of all – Bud (DH) is on board with the idea of us Keeping Chickens!!!

We’ve selected the area for the permanent coop and run! Making plans. Studying what/when to do this and that. Preparing!

Come next spring…

No matter what I’m doing, what I’m sewing on, this is what I now turn my mind to focus upon when the negative tries to enter! It seems to be working things out much better for me!

I’ve created another blog site about our Journey in the Yolk Yard – so I won’t bore you here!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

National Doll Day - 2017

The first Sunday in August of 2017 is already here! Goodness gracious! For over six decades, the love of dolls has been a huge part of my life. If you are reading this, I would imagine you have also found joy and comfort through dolls!
I recently discovered, and am thrilled to share with everyone, the “Doll Project” for our Native Americans living on reservations in South Dakota!

Although the article is from 2011, Give a Doll for Christmas it is an ongoing project! This article provides lots and lots of fabulous information and links. Actually, the entire blog is a worthwhile read! Also, I would encourage you to join the Facebook group: Sew For Kids Volunteers and you’ll find a bunch more information about the 2017 Doll Project – among other focuses for our Native Americans!

Will you donate a doll? An outfit for the doll to wear would also be a great thing!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What was I thinking?

I consider myself a “smart” person, one with a bit of common sense. On extremely rare occasions, however, I have slipped up, telling myself, “Oh, just one more.”


And, again.

Then yet again.

Too much of anything is not good. Change it up. Mix it up.

When friends post on Facebook how they’ve racked up their hands or shoulders or this and that while doing what they love, I’ve commented my suggestion: change it up.

Yes. Continuous repetition will come back and bite you! Sometimes Big Time!

How many have heard the saying:

“Do as I say. Not as I do.”

A couple of days ago I really messed up. I spent HOURS off/on cutting 1.5” fabric strips to make more Scrappy Heart Blocks (I need a total of 20 for a small lap quilt).

A total of 6 are now done - 14 left to do!
What was I thinking?

Oh, yes. I kept telling myself, “Just One More!”

The pressure applied to the ruler, lining up to rotary cut a straight edge, has torn up my left hand, shooting pains up my arm. OTC meds (oral and topical) are not helping this time. This morning I’ve put on my hand brace. Something I should have done when I first felt the pain.

Yesterday I did very little cutting as I had a few items ready just to stitch. I took my time. I managed to finish two placemats, the embroidery work on another, and finished the forth amulet bag.   

And, I changed it up.

 - read a bit of The Lakota Way,

 - colored some on the 2017-2018 day planner I found at Walmart (similar to this one at Amazon)

- simply sat with my hands in my lap while watching television – rather than crocheting on an afghan.

Yet still. This morning I know I will probably stay out of the sewing room all together. I need to keep the door closed. I keep pushing myself. I cannot do that.

I need to practice what I preach!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beyond Excited

I’m so excited! I’ve never been a “Classroom Mom” before!

Although I know better to be the Mom because life will get in the way and I don’t want to disappoint, but I can ~ and did ~ volunteer to be the “assistant” mom!

This is the second year the “Room Parent Program” has been done for grades K – 5th at the Marty Indian School in South Dakota. Because it is long distance, actual hugs can’t be given. According to Google Maps from my ranch to there is about 970 miles – one way! Rather it is a snail mail experience, sending goodies and handmade items all wrapped in loving prayers and hugs.

The Facebook group Sew for Kids Volunteers led me to this opportunity of a lifetime. I am humbled to now be the Assistant Classroom Mom for the Second Grade!

Never having a second grader and not knowing what kids are like at that age (and what that “age” might be as it’s been a long time since my nieces were in 2nd grade!) I put this news out on my Facebook wall, asking for clues! I received some great input! Thanks to all!

My sister reminded me, everything I create can have an educational foundation… like words embroidered on items to reinforce what they are learning…

But what will they be learning in 2nd grade?

I took my laptop into town and downloaded the Content Standards for South Dakota (like the Texas TEKS). Something within their list caught my eye ~ the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings and Standards.

What a wealth of information! I will re-read several times, to learn more truths about our Native Americans.

I came back home and ordered two books listed within the resources (oh, I wish I could buy them all….)

The Lakota Way: Stories & Lessons for Living by Joseph Marshall III

The Great Race of the Birds and Animals by Paul Goble

From what I’ve read so far, I truly believe everyone, every child in the U.S.A., should read Mr. Marshall’s book, The Lakota Way: Stories & Lessons for Living.

It’s beyond Powerful.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Tub Full

Here lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of sewing. It all started on Sunday, May 8th and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment! A few days before I had discovered the closed Facebook group Sew for Kids Volunteers. After reading through their blog, I knew it was a mission I wanted to support.

It’s not just for kids! The woman’s shelter, the Elder Center, and the Veterans are also in need for things I can create and send!

It’s like I’m obsessed with getting things done and mailed off to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation!

I’ve sent two boxes already in the USPS large mailers that “if it fits, it ships” for a bit less than $19.00 (the USPS taking my money said they would have cost over $40 EACH had I not used that special box!). They were filled with children’s books, several fun pillowcases I had made a while back, and a little dress freshly created: 

Anyway, for me, it’s the perfect cause to use up my stash of fabric I’ve had for years!

Although I have a “door full” of items ready to mail, it’s not enough to fill up a box!

Once we got back from Dallas yesterday, I pulled out a tub full of fabric and will work through it this week… 

I just found this list of ways to help provided by the Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation! So many ideas!

Now… off to get busy!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


During the recent time spent on the “Denver Road Trip” with my 88 year young mother, I created so many blessed memories that will last a lifetime. I am thankful we both agreed on taking her car rather than flying.


We could have arrived there and home much quicker had we flown. But, I couldn’t see how I could manage all our “stuff” and her wheelchair and her walker and her!

Even after driving almost 1800 miles over the past week, I would do it again in a heartbeat – for her. I am beyond thrilled she was physically and mentally capable to see her FOURTH Great Grandchild graduate from High School!

She’s made them all… either in St. Louis for the twins and now twice in Denver.

Before, she had flown with my sister and Sarah.

It worked out that this final graduation trip she & I would go together.

I am blessed.

The time driving up there
The time while there
The time driving home
Has filled me with an even greater admiration and appreciation of the woman I call Momma.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Sunday ~ yesterday ~ I got the urge to create a dress for a little girl. So I did. Although it’s for a little girl I don’t know, one I’ll never meet, I prayed for her the entire time.

It felt right. It was what I needed to do.

I absolutely love making things.

I love sewing for others.

Sewing for charity is a great way to spend a Sunday, and everyday!

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