Saturday, September 28, 2013

Honeycomb & Gusset

There are a couple of details I’ve wanted to work into a project, but haven’t made the time to learn how! One is honeycomb smocking and the other is inserting a gusset into a bag. I’m so excited! I found on the Internet excellent instructions for both interests!

When I’m back at Lanetta’s Creations’ studio, these will be on the top of my to-do list!

I enjoy seeing/reading how different folks explain the same basic thing. Everyone puts their own flare on creating a technique. Learning tips and tricks from here and there, is always a good thing!

For the Honeycomb smocking technique, try one (or all) of these sites:

And, Sam, over at The Handmade Dress, even created a video for us! Thank you, Sam!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of plastic shopping bags! I know they serve a purpose, and I need to get my surplus over to the Food Bank! They are always sending a call-out for more bags!

I’ve planned for years to create sturdy washable bags to carry back and forth to the grocery store. I’ve made totes and handbags and messenger bags before, but have never tried inserting a gusset. With the instructions I found at The Haby Goddess, I will certainly get moving on this project!

What’s on your to-do list to learn?

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