Monday, September 30, 2013

The End

Especially during September ~ National Sewing Month ~ I enjoy searching for new (to me) ways of sewing. Always wanting to sharpen my sewing skills, I never want to stop learning new tricks of the trade! I like purposefully looking for creations I’ve not yet done and add them to the never ending to-do list. Various times during the life of this blog, I’ve shared plans of doing this or that. Some I’ve completed, some still wait.

This month-long celebration is no exception. I’ve found plenty more sewing projects I want to try, techniques to implement, and goals to reach.

More to-do’s ~ in between everything else ~ why not?

Thank you for sharing this month with me. I hope you found the articles informative. It is my hope they will inspire and encourage you to sew sew sew!

If you’re looking for me – I’m sewing!

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