Friday, September 19, 2014

Central Square

A square within a square? Do what? Quiltville shows us how! Then we can easily place the original square on point! How cool is this basic method one can do so much with!

What about a 4 patch square, then make it into a square within a square!?! Oh, so many possibilities to build on using this technique!

The Quilter’s Cache has an easy peasy “Squares within Squares” block pattern tutorial that also frames a center square nicely.

Now, will you take a look at this one Bee in my Bonnet did! Notice the corner “squares” are squares within squares! HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!

This is a great time to analyze, and “see” each square that they did! Small square within the square 4 corners, and straight cuts, all put together in a nine patch design! We've done these over the past few days!

On to a "fussy cut" for the central square ... building and building around the original square can look as intricate and detailed like Little Miss Shabby created:

The half square triangles adds a nice "burst" effect!

Or, simple as Quilt Magazine showcased the rose with 8 HST, and 4 corner squares! We’ve done half square triangles already & this is the perfect time to use the Magic 8 method!

Okay… suppose you have a wonderful piece of print fabric you would like to “showcase” within a square. This is the “fussy cut” process of selection! See my lovely fabric waiting for me to decide on that special block…

Don’t let the busy print confuse you. I know it can get mind-blogging looking at all the different “stuff”!

I took a sheet of printer paper and cut out a 4 1/2” square from its center. This way I can “see” only what the square would reveal. Keeping in mind the seam allowance as well...

When I've selected what I want my "fussy" cut to be, I will draw a line around the inside square with a marker of some sort that I'll be able to see. Others say using heavy card stock for a template is a good idea, especially when tracing around the edge, and I can see why. The printer paper is a bit flimsy, but it works okay for me.

Anyway... what amazing possibilities! I’m excited!

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