Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Using the Rotary Cutter

Using a rotary cutter up against a quilter’s ruler is quick and more accurate ~ not to mention easier than cutting out fabric with scissors! We need to take some precautions, however, when using the rotary cutter.

At Moda Bake Shop, you’ll see they’ve covered several fabulous tips:


  • Always cover the blade with the built-in cover when you set it down. Every single time - even if you're just setting it down for a second. Make it a habit.
  • Always cut away from your body.
  • Replace your blade when it stops cutting well. Working with a dull or damaged blade can cause you to cut in an unsafe manner - using excess pressure to cut through your fabric, etc. and that’s a recipe for disaster. 
  • Only use the rotary cutter for its intended use.
  • Keep your fingers well away from the edges of templates and rulers while cutting. You don't want a squared off index finger like me. (Plus blood stains can ruin your beautiful fabric.)
  • Plan your cutting before you start to minimize waste.
  • Press and starch fabric before cutting.
  • Square up fabric edges before you start cutting.
  • Use the lines on your ruler or template for a straight edge, not the lines on the mat. 
  • Save yourself some back pain by cutting on a counter-height surface.
Check out the comments others left to find additional tips & suggestions! Add your own tips in the comment section here below!

For the visual learner, I would suggest you go to YouTube and search “rotary cutter”! There you’ll find lots of videos to watch showing you “how to” use the fabulous, essential fabric rotary cutting tool!

If you are able to download .pdf files, there is an excellent one Martingale provided on Rotary Cutting.

FYI: Did you know that your own saliva will remove your own blood from fabric? Before it goes through washing/drying, spit on it and rub rub rub to dissolve it out! By the way, our young Doberman came in one evening & was sharing her toy with me while I had a quilt in my lap hand stitching the binding… well, unbeknownst to me, her chin had a tiny cut on it and bled on my quilt! Her “daddy” got enough saliva out of her mouth (much to her dismay) and placed it on the blood spots as I rubbed & rubbed! It all came out! Thank goodness!

What’s the deal with Blue Painter’s tape and making quilt tops? Find out tomorrow!

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