Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Thought

From the beginning of this year’s celebration of National Sewing Month, my focus is on creating quilts.

Yesterday and the day before, I shared a couple of ways to create the Glory Be block. I wanted to let you know, over on the Facebook group Lone Star of Texas Quilts of Valor, we have a block drive event going on using the Glory Be pattern in reds whites and blues!

Make one, seven, or a bunch then mail to Michelle!

Deadline for the blocks (to be in her hands) is November 1st. She will put them together and make as many Quilts of Valor as possible! It takes 39-48 blocks per quilt (depending on a border)! I wonder how many quilts she will be able to make?

This is one she's putting together with blocks already received!

It all depends on generous service-minded folks like you & me!

P.S. Besides the examples I did for you yesterday, I've also created several like this one - all for the block drive!
Sorry for the poor photo quality! However, you can get the general idea!

What a wonderful way to remember 9/11/01 and 9/11/12... be part of a National Service!

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