Friday, September 26, 2014

Fresh Spinach

Storing the small stuff – I love fresh spinach. I also love repurposing the containers to store my scraps! As I cut yardage strips needed, when I get down to the last itty bitty bit, I trim the leftovers into the largest size width possible.

Even the 1” scraps go into the container. They create lovely braided stars I’m working on every now and then…

Of course, you can buy storage tubs...

But I love fresh spinach, I love repurposing the containers! I can take the money saved from buying "store bought" and buy more fabric to make a quilts!!!

Storing the big stuff – yards and yards of fabric!

Honestly, it makes me nervous seeing something like this… oh, it’s lovely in my dreams, but I don’t sew that fast!!!

Yes. The entire room and shelves and cutting & sewing stations and desk area are all very lovely and dreamy, but I know how natural light (and not even direct sunlight) coming into the room can fade out fabric before you realize it!

Trust me! Hide it all in a dark closet, or a darken room! The file cabinet idea is a good one…

If all else fails… sew sew sew!!!

She who dies with the most fabric, didn't sew fast enough! 

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