Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fabulous Four Patch

When you see what creative minds have already done for us, you’ll think Fabulous Four Patch as well! I had so much fun looking up the different possibilities to share with you, and also have ready-to-find place in the future that’s packed full of ideas!

Of course, I went over to Pinterest and searched “four patch”… wow! I’ll just share a few of my favorites and let you explore further later!

I like the mixing of small four patches, with bigger ones (some call it “Double 4 patch) to make an over-all four patch block design.

This is a good picture from All People Quilt, to show what I mean...

Taking the four patch to the next level ~
Making it disappear… Sarah Did It shows you how she did it!

Oh, my! Check out this “twist” I found on the What comes next? blog! Another one on my to-do list! I’m really liking the diagonal business! This is just the beginning....

Or, mix bunches of four patch blocks with half square triangles and you have something lovely like a reader of Quiltville put together and shared:

The patches don’t have to be square

Mix the little & big and they can be set on point

You know me, I could go on and on, but will stop here!

I hope I've Inspired you to explore and Create!

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