Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Frame the Quilt

Above all else ~ the bottom line ~ designing a quilt is personal preference. It’s what you like, what makes you happy. Fortunately, there are no “Quilt Police” anywhere!

From my viewpoint, a quilt is like a painting. The center focus and the frame should work together, they should complement one another, not compete for attention.

When planning a border, remember ~ eyes will travel to the most detailed part of the quilt. If the primary subject of your quilt is the piecing, then I highly recommend keeping the border(s) simple. Otherwise, the border may cause confusion in the mind’s eye.

Sometimes, there are no borders at all, just the binding! In fact, adding a border would totally take away from the quilt. Simplify shares a stunning borderless quilt!

NOTE: Which ever type border you decide upon, always always always measure your quilt top across the center width and length! Do not measure along the edge (where stretching from pressing and handling may occur).
The Fabric Buffet shared a lovely quilt when a single border works beautifully… 

 A double line border will accent, therefore complement, the center’s focus. A prime example, found on Diary of a Quilter’s website, is a lovely Soul Blossoms Quilt

Making a few borders …

Ivy Arts’ Ribbon Quilt Border – easy that looks elaborate! 

A border then a repeat of the quilt pattern… an interesting effect created and shown by Sweet Jane

Here you see a busy border that works as a continuum of the quilt itself. … The Secret Life of Mrs. Meatloaf (isn’t that a fun name for a blog!) shares “A quilt for Autumn”.

I never get bored looking through Pinterest for ideas. It’s the spot to search “quilt borders” for the perfect border!

Enjoy your borders, or no borders! No Police Here! 


  1. Very informative to me as a novice quilter. Thank you.

    1. You are very welcome! I'm happy you found it informative!


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