Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GLORY BE Block - In Mass

Yesterday, the Glory Be block was a scrap buster. Today we’ll mass produce it using ready-to-cut fabric yardage! What does that mean: “ready-to-cut”? Basically, that the fabric is pressed (whether pre-washed or not, your decision), and you’ve done the wiggle!

You’ve selected your lights and darks (either 2 or 4 different of each, light & dark).

Also, remember when I mentioned a picture is worth a 1,000 words!?! I took a lot of pictures while creating seven blocks within an hour, although I didn’t take a picture of finished blocks #2 - #7!

So, here goes! I would suggest to read over all the directions & look at the pictures, then begin cutting and sewing! By the way, I sure hope you press your fabric better than what is shown! It's like my Daddy always told me, "Do I as I say. Not as I do!"

First round of cutting:

     All strips are cut 2 3/4" by width of fabric - whatever the width is! I first fold the fabric selvage to selvage, then brought the fold up to the selvage line making four thicknesses.

My two different darks:
Cut THREE strips per dark - from both of your darks!
(I wasn't for sure what it would take & came back and cut my 3rd strip)
My two different lights:

Only need ONE strip per light!
Now to sew...

Match up the selvage ends, putting one strip of light and one strip of dark, right sides together. Begin stitching 1/4" seam all the way to the end.
Some fabrics are a bit wider than others - no big deal!
Press to "meld" stitches, then press to dark side
After pressing, take the strip back over to your mat.

Cut off the selvage (never ever use any piece of the selvage any where within a quilt as it will not wash the same as the other fabric) 

Flip it around (for right-handers, I'm sorry I haven't a clue how to do it for a lefty)

Cut down the strip into 2 3/4" pieces with little waste at the end.
I didn't show a picture of all the pieces cut along the way because I get them out of my way as I cut!
You should get 15 !!!!
(Need 14 for 7 blocks so you have an extra one - for a little while!)

Remember Connecting Threads picture showing the next step?

Head back over to the sewing machine with your 15 square sets and the last two strips of the same dark. To be on the safe side (because I've had to rip out before) I place a dark (right side up), then place my 2-square set like Connecting Threads' picture...
By "testing" I know this will be correct once sewn.
I flip over the square set onto the long strip, and down a bit not to catch the selvage.
The long dark strip is facing up against my sewing machine. I've just about sewn the first square set.
I stop sewing, place the next square set face down against (but not overlapping) the previous square set.
Continue placing each square set until you run out of the dark strip!
When you have to start on the next dark strip, it's the same process.
Back to the ironing board to press (1) "meld" then (2) toward the square set

Back over to the cutting mat...
Same process as before, but cut 5" wide!!!
You should come out with 7 "mini" blocks sets!
Plus an extra one!

Repeat the process with your other light(s) and dark(s)!

Place four mini blocks together, like this if only using two different colors like I have:
My "mini blocks" are set on the diagonal
Either way you want to pick them up, pick up two and place right sides together
  • across top and across bottom
  • left column and right column

The light square seams on both "mini" blocks will "nestle" together - because they've been pressed in the opposite direction! 
It's a "good thing" to stitch into a seam when you can,
but I highly recommend you use a stiletto to keep it from folding back on you!
Back to the ironing board when you've finished sewing and now have two rectangles!
Press the stitches to "meld" then press the seam OPEN!

With the two rectangles ride sides together, place a pin at the pressed open seams at the light squares. This will keep everything from shifting. Sew together.
Don't forget to remove the pin before sewing! Never sew over a pin!!!
Also, as you approach the pressed open seam, leave the needle in the down position,
raise the presser foot and take a peek underneath
~ make sure all the seam allowance area is where they are supposed to be!
Use a stiletto if you need to flip it back out. 
Once stitching is done, and before the pressing process, check to make sure the center squares all line up nice and neat!
This will work!
Press this last seam to "meld" then also press Open! Flip it over and press the right side, using a dab of unscented spray starch!

One more time over to the cutting mat, and measure! It should be 9.5" ... if not trim where needed! 
And, it works!

I hope this tutorial has helped...

Mass producing is such a time saver!

Now that you have it down pat how to do the Glory Be block, stop by tomorrow and I'll let you know how you can help, be part of a National Service project!!! 

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