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You can find the Glory Be Block pattern on the Connecting Threads website. It is a free download! Don’t let the site scare you away. You don’t have to sign up for e-newsletters to get the pattern. Simply scroll down a bit to see the “or” and continue on to the pattern download. I’m going over their directions with a bit of modifications that I learned while doing my block!
"Glory Be" by Connecting Threads
Today we’ll focus on “scrap busting” and this block does exactly that! It uses up your scraps quickly and will create a stunning quilt once it’s all put together. Each block will finish 9” square.

* Don’t sew anything before it’s time! *

1. Cut out the following pieces using your rotary cutter against a quilter's rule on your self-healing mat that’s on a flat hard surface (now that was a sentence! I don’t know if it’s grammatically correct, but I’m moving on…):

Using darkish to dark fabric, all you need from one piece of scrap is enough to make a 2 ¾” square, and a 2 ¾” by 5” rectangle! Do this a total of four times, with four *different pieces of fabric scraps!
 *A variation to their directions is eventually matching (using the same fabric) on the diagonal corners of the block, meaning you would only need two different pieces of darkish/dark fabric, if the scraps are large enough! That's what I did on my block pictured below!
In their picture above, notice how lighter colors are in the center… that’s an additional four 2 ¾” cut squares from totally different fabric from your first four corners. Either use two different lighter colors, or four, if you have them! Go ahead and cut out four 2 ¾” squares of lights that you have in your scrap box! (Or 2 sets out of the same lights)

2.  Sew (remember to always use the scant ¼” seam allowance!):

Stitch two squares together (right sides together) using one light and one dark.
            Press to “meld” stitches, then press the seam as their arrow indicates (toward the dark side).
Connecting Threads - Joining 2 squares
Now the next step is where ~ the first time I made this block ~ I had to get my BFF seam ripper out because I did NOT follow the pictures!

Yes! A picture is worth a 1,000 words! I cannot urge you enough to follow the pictures as well as the written directions in any pattern you’re following. This will save you a lot of time in the long run! 
Connecting Threads - "mini block"
Always place the lighter square of your two-square piece on the same side of the 5” piece… on all fours sets! Don’t be like me ~ pay attention to the pictures!
Connecting Threads - Notice all "mini" blocks have the light square on bottom right.
Did you notice the directional arrow indicating which way to press (after “melding” the seam) the "mini" blocks? Very important!!!

You now have four mini blocks! Lay them out in a row and double check that all the light squares are on the bottom right. This is a must for this block to work out properly!

After sewing two mini blocks together, lining up the lights, you then have two rectangle sets.
Connecting Threads - 2 rectangles, ready to sew together to make the completed block!
 NOTE: At this point, rather than following their pressing to one side directions, I prefer to press the joining seam open. They flatten out better, and will result in a nicer finished top for quilting. With having open seams, you won’t have to worry about arrangement, and possibly causing major bulk when joining all the blocks together.

Now take the two rectangle sets and join together.

NOTE: Again, I press, and recommend you do as well, the seam open.

Press again from the right side, using a bit of unscented spray starch to get it really flat. Your long-arm quilter will love you dearly!
Mine! Notice: diagonal corners match!
 There you go!

You now have one completed block that should measure a perfect 9.5” square. If not, trim where needed!

What if you have yardage, rather than scraps, and want to create Glory Be blocks? Check it out tomorrow for mass production!

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