Saturday, September 6, 2014

What is what?

It seems like it’s only been a few years since I figured out what a “fat quarter” is…
(fabric 18” x 22” = which is one quarter of a yard cut “fat”)
Check this out:

And find this and more guides at Bright Linen's blogspot!

Before researching for this article, I had been so confused hearing references to “jelly roll” “honey bun” “layer cake” … are these things we should eat while creating quilts??? 
Jelly Roll

No! But, I guess one can, but don’t forget to wash the hands before handling fabric!

Honey Bun
Layer Cakes

Manufacturers have once again come up with these yummy sounding things, and more, to make creating quilts easier!

Talking about fabric here!

The pre-cut fabrics are 100% cotton – which is a must in creating the quilts I’m talking about this month!

I found a few websites that lists sometimes the yummy sounding names and gives their measurement – something I’ve wondered about for a long time now! I’ve watched many YouTube videos with the instructor using something like a “Layer Cake” but had no idea how to transfer that particular size into yardage – which is what I usually buy, or have on hand ~ yards and yards of fabric!

At least now, with the following list I’m sharing from Art Gallery Fabrics, when I see instructions for a “layer cake” quilt top, I can do some simple math to figure out how much yardage I’ll need!

At Moda Bake Shop (Moda fabrics), oh, they added “Turnovers” and “Sweet Box” – anyone hungry yet? They have some interesting “cheat sheets” to print out for quick reference! I highly recommend taking the time to do this!

I just discovered Hoffman Fabrics has batiks in precut sizes called Snaps (5x5-inch), Crackers (10x10-inch), and Pops (2 1/2" wide strips) ~ among others! (According to Wikipedia - *Batik is a technique of manual wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique.)

*Batik = whenever I buy Batik yardage, I will pre-wash. I'll write more about fabric pre-washing or not tomorrow!

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