Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bad Habits

We sew for the experience of it, the joy it can bring. But, are we setting ourselves up for failure? I’ve collected a few websites I’ve discovered that lists bad habits some sewists do on a daily basis! I’m guilty of some! I’m confessing!

While further exploring Ms. Elaineous’s blog (I shared an article of hers in yesterday’s post), in honor of 2013, she lists 13 sewing habits that you need to break. Now. It was well worth the read! She also did 14 more the following year!

From her lists, these are the bad habits I need to work on breaking ~ now:

12. Using the wrong needle. (from her 2013 list)

            There are various needles specific for different types of fabric – knits, silks, denim, cotton, etc. When making quilts, Action Quilts (aka Fidget Quilts), or Pillowcases, I’m using the same type of fabric – 100% cotton. The same “type” of needle works in all cases.
What I do need to stop doing – not changing to a fresh needle more often! I’m bad about keeping the same one in until it breaks. I’ve not had one to break in my new machine I got almost a year ago! Needless to say, I’m still working with the original needle! I don’t sew over pins, it’s all the same fabric, the stitches are beautiful, why should I change out? (I can hear my sister sighing now!) But, before starting the next project, I promise to change it out!

2.  Telling yourself that you’ll remember. (from her 2013 list)

            Yes! Write it down, Lanetta! Make notes on the pattern or the directions!
They won’t bite!

(7) Not taking breaks. (from her 2014 list)

I purposely have my ironing board set up on the opposite side of the room from the sewing machine. Because I do press each seam before sewing over I (especially while quilt making), I do get up and walk – albeit a short distance – quite often. But this isn’t the “break” she’s referring to in her list. No. I need to set a timer and totally get out of the sewing room, do something else, to clear my mind, and stretch my body.


I then went on and discovered other articles on the subject of bad sewing habits! Oh. My. Goodness! I learned bunches!

On the Superior Threads blog, they shared “Bad Habits Quilters Need to Quit.

From their list, I need to quit:

Overly criticizing your work

I need to stop beating myself up when it’s not perfect!
Not completing your projects

Although I do manage to finish some things, I have way too many UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) stored here and there. I need to get busy!


Oh, and over at Bella Sunshine Designs’ her list of 15 Bad Habits, she hit on something I constantly catch myself doing (or not doing)…

7. Having bad posture while sewing

Not only do I need to NOT slump, I need to use the time sitting and sewing to do stomach crunches as well!

I then saw this one and laughed out loud:

15. Buying new materials before checking your stash

            Not going to happen…

Are you practicing any of the bad sewing habits they shared? Come on, fess up!

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