Thursday, September 15, 2016

Quilt Shop Hop Road Trip – Day 1

The last time Momma, Sister, and I went on an overnight trip anywhere – just the 3 of us – was over 60 years ago! It was time!

The experiences, and memory makings we created over the past couple of days are priceless. I was silly thinking I would write a post while out on the road trip!

Also known as “The Magical Mystery Tour” and I’ll explain why a bit later! Oh my goodness… the perfect way to start off any road trip…we all got pedi’s

and Momma and Sister also got mani’s! (Of course, I could have gotten a mani as well, but I can’t handle someone messing with my hands! Been there, done that. And it hurts!)

Doesn’t Momma look relaxed…

I’m sorry, I didn’t pick up a card, to know the name of this lovely shop. It’s in Mesquite, Texas, my sister’s favorite shop. Hopefully, she’ll share with us in the comments!

Ready to Hop!
Then we headed north. Somewhere around Greenville we stopped for lunch at the Cracker Barrel. GREAT FOOD! And did a little shopping…

On the way to our first quilt shop, Quilt Mercantile in Celeste, Texas, I took a couple of pictures of Historical Markers. Although we passed many along Highway 69, we focused only those on the right side of the road… easy off/easy back on.

What a delightful little shop! The Quilt Mercantile shop also has a retreat facility behind the store! Although there is not much left in this small Texas town by way of businesses along the main drag, the shop is worth the trip! It’s here I found the 3 pieces needed to make the Quilt for a Better Tomorrow! Oh, and some other goodies!

We traveled north a bit further and stopped in Savoy, Texas, at Savvy Quilters. Another quaint little shop! Sister and I found some perfect ~ take me home ~ goodies here! I pointed out some wool rugs (promo for an upcoming class to be held there) to Momma and I found out her brother used to make them!

I don’t know if it’s still open, but across the street from this quilt shop is a Domino Hall! This sighting brought back lots of memories for my sister and I, of our Papo and his favorite place in Naples, Texas.

That was IT on the quilt shop hopping on Day 1. As far as Momma was concerned, our next stop was going to be the Best Western in Denison to rest and relax.

Sister kept driving north, however! She told Momma she wanted to share the view of the Dam leaving Oklahoma heading back into Texas, so we were taking a slight detour to get to the hotel!

But it was then when the Magical Mystery Tour began! Our next stop was actually Choctaw Casino and Resort! This surprise absolutely blew Momma away! She LOVES casinos and hadn’t been in years!

I’d never been!!!! 

Getting it done…this is OC Bell Hop…

We did give her a chance to rest for a while before she hit the slot machines.

I did go down to the floor while she and sister stayed up in the room to rest. I wanted to explore and (sort-of) get the layout down! I looked at all the different slot machines, trying to grasp the concept (other than eating money) and happened across a machine called “ROAD TRIP”!!! Guess what machine I played on 99% of the time!!!

I was so excited when I got back to the room and presented a $4.70 voucher of my winnings! It had cost me $2.00 to get it! I’m a big time roller for sure!

We couldn’t take any pictures of the casino itself. We were told they frowned on picture taking! But, our hostess at Gilly’s (within the casino/resort) took our picture before we ate supper (at 8:00)!

We had a delightful time! Momma was a real trooper! She stayed up long past her normal bedtime! (Mine, too!)

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