Friday, September 16, 2016

The Magical Mystery Tour – Day 2

Because I’m an early riser and didn’t want to disturb Momma and sister, Day 2 began quickly after getting up, getting downstairs to find coffee, then playing at the ROAD TRIIP slot machine!

Goodness Gracious. After simply feeding the slot machine, I learned quickly that Momma is my good luck charm! Fortunately, Sister called me about 6:15 to let me know Momma was ready to also get coffee and start playing!

Momma proved me right.

It didn’t take me long to win back what I had lost!

After breakfast – yes, we did stop to eat – Sister joined us for a while playing slot machines before we had to check out. No one won enough to stay over another night!

So, we went back to our Quilt Shop Hop Road trip.

We decided to head south on Highway 75, to McKinney, by-passing two scheduled stops further west on Highway 82 and the other just south of 82 on I35. It was an excellent choice… We’ll catch them another time!

Happiness is…Quilting is such a lovely shop! It’s near the town square in McKinney. I’ve added a bit more “projects” to my to-do list after shopping here!

There are two more quilt shops in McKinney we had planned on “hopping” and then over to Denton,  but Momma’s energy level began falling quickly. She wasn’t feeling well at all. We made the collective decision to simply head home.

And, not until we dropped off Sister, and picked up Momma’s Baby Doll (furbaby), and got back to her house, did I realize exactly how tired I was!

What an exciting, wonderful time we had! It’s amazing we did all that we did in 24 hours!

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