Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mini Quilts

When you sew for the experience of it, do you create mini-quilts? 

I’ve been in a couple of homes where friends have created mini quilts, enough of various themes and colors to cover an entire wall! Oh! My! One was in her living room, the other in her longarm room. Both were stunning displays! Although quilts in a much larger size, another friend comes to mind that has quilts she’s created over the years brilliantly displayed going down the length of her hallway. Each one has a story.

Back in 1992, when we bought the ranch, our first neighbor to meet ~ God rest her soul ~ had many bed-size quilts she’d created spread out, layered on top of one another on the bed in her guest bedroom. They, too, all had a story, and were waiting for the appropriate time to be gifted.

I’ve made a few mini quilts wall hangings before. This is totally different from an Action Quilt – aka Fidget Quilt.

Most of the mini quilts have been gifted. But, we do have two hanging in our living room. I would like to make more, to hang on our walls. For me, it’s a way to make our home more inviting, warm, cozy and comfortable. That’s how I feel when I’ve gone into my friends homes.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to practice skills!

What caught my eye this morning was this Heart of Hearts mini quilt on the Brother’s Stitching Sewical blog!

One of my favorite go-to website is Cluck Cluck Sew. She’s created a mini quilt book (or PDF) with the patterns and instructions for these quilts! Aren’t they lovely!

At Favequilts, they have lots and lots of mini quilt patterns! I really like this one, especially its title: Life is Better with Friends:

I’m gathering ideas… which is your favorite?

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