Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bucket List: Master EQ7

A friend of mine, Gail, has mastered the EQ7 (Electric Quilt 7) software program. She’s kindly offered to show me how. It’s just a matter of working out a schedule that works for us both. But, before I can do anything, I must reinstall the program on my new Windows 10 (YUCK) operating system! There is a trick to it, something I’ll have to research the next time I’m in Dallas – on unlimited bandwidth!

I’m used to the pencil, straight edge, and graph paper technique when designing a quilt, or sometimes what I refer to as “seat of my pants” designing. I’ll have an idea in my head, and just start making blocks, until I get the desired quilt size. Sometimes, things go wrong with following instructions or I don’t like the way the fabric’s print looks in the design. That’s how I came up with the Wings Quilt Block!

I do believe, learning EQ7 would be a great help, especially calculating the yardage needed once the design is created. Gail has often suggested for me to watch the YouTube videos available on the internet. I need to focus and do that soon!

Ann, another friend, recently posted on Facebook a beautiful red, white, and blue quilt she’d seen on the internet. I went to Knitnoid’s website, and sure enough, the contributor explained how she ended up with the design – all through using the EQ7 software! She worked it out, changing this and that, until she ended up with this beauty:

This process would sure save on the trusty eraser, or printer ink when printing out graph paper! I do need to get going on this software program!!!

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