Friday, September 9, 2016

Crumb Quilts

Those itty bitty tiny scraps are not just for stuffing pillows or pet beds any longer! Thanks to Megan Null showing us how to get another quilt out of scraps, we don’t have to throw ANYTHING away! It’s also a clever/frugal use of those “leaders” and “enders” I’ve written about before, and you’re making another quilt at the same time! Win-Win!

This is photo of a lovely Crumb Quilt I found on Quilting Digest

Megan Null’s video:

I love the name Ami Simms, Throughthe Eyes of a Quilter, calls her crumbs:

O.T.F. Patchwork (Off The Floor Patchwork)! Isn’t that clever!

For more inspiration take a look over on Pinterest for all the brilliant creations people have done with their crumb blocks!

Ludlow Quilt and Sew offers a step-by-step photo tutorial (and her own video) on how she puts the crumb quilt together. Between the crumb blocks, she created and inserted a 4 patch block! One of the instructions she gives us, and it is critical (emphasis mine):

pressing after each addition and then trimming to make a straight edge.

This reminds me of what I’ve shared many times… never ever stitch over a seam that’s not been pressed! Adding a spritz of spray starch also makes the piece lay nice and flat.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve quilted someone else’s quilt and discover the seams were not pressed out nicely. What happens when quilting… the fabric is folded back and it looks HORRIBLE!

Pressing after EACH seam is sewn catches mistakes as well! It’s a good way/time to tell when the seam is not the 1/4” seam, but rather 1/8” (or less!). “Making it fit” when adding the adjoining block, by folding it to where it needs to be, doesn’t go through the longarm quilting process very nicely.

If you hate to get up and press each time, Patti, at Quilting is Still my Passion, shares a clever way to sew bunches of scraps together before needing to press!

I’m excited to try this technique! Will you try it as well?

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