Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mastering the Beast

My first attempt in tackling the beast (wrote about the other day), I mean, appliqué, was again an epic fail! The project I selected, Pat Sloan’s Let’s Go Sew, had too many tiny pieces! Messing with the glue stick just didn’t work for me. But, I’m not giving up!

I so want this for my new (if ever) dedicated sewing room!!!!

My sister highly recommended a product that would make it so much easier!
Draw the design on the paper side of the product,
press to wrong side of the fabric,
cut out the design,
then peel off the other side of the product, and
iron in place.

While shopping at Walmart, I purchased a couple of yards (it’s only about 17” wide) of Pellon’s “Wonder-Under”!!!! It’s not the same product she recommended, but it will do for now. It works the same way.

Rather than attempting Pat’s wall hanging, I decided to start off small. I don’t mean small as in the actual size of a piece, but fewer pieces… maybe just one or two.

How can I go wrong with hearts?

Sorry for the poor quality photo - but you get the "picture" !!!
Although it took me a bit of time to peel off the second layer (I’m sure due to my hands), it worked beautifully! I’m hoping the next time won’t be as difficult.

Lesson learned: Proper tools for the job makes the sewing experience much better!

Now I know I can do the Let’s Go Sew piece!

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