Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Following Instructions

When working on a quilt top, I don’t understand why I have such an issue following written instructions for a specific pattern/design. But, I do. Something in my brain clicks and it’s like the pattern is written in Greek rather than plain English! I know it’s me because others follow the same instructions and it works!

Let me study a photo of the block. I usually can figure out how to create it without any problems.

I saw this photo on Facebook the other day…

It gave me a good laugh, and reminded me, how many disasters I’ve created due to not following the instructions!

But, it’s not a total loss! I keep going, modifying and changing until it works out some way – some how! Maybe not like the original design. What I end up with is a new design!

I tried making the “Quilt for a Better Tomorrow” I wrote about the other day…

It didn’t work out. I ran out of fabric! When I made 6 blocks, I knew I would not have enough of the listed yardage requirements of fabric (purchased on our road trip) to make 6 additional blocks! It’s then I stopped trying and created a sashing and cornerstone between the blocks. Now I need more of the black fabric to do along the sides – before adding side borders.

I just couldn’t figure out the instructions to create the flying geese section. So, I did the “flying geese” like I knew how… which ate up the last bit of the black fabric.

Now I have bunches and bunches of the black half square triangles the instructions said to cut. I’ll figure out something to do with them!

I’m not going to give up on the original design! One day soon I’m hoping to get someone else to read the instructions and show me how, and what I did wrong!

Bottom line, when you get a kit of any type… follow the instructions to avoid a disaster!

Fortunately, while sewing for the experience, a disaster can easily be turned into a new design!

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