Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It’s a Wrap!

If you’ve followed along during 2014’s National Sewing Month, I’ve concentrated on creating a quilt top. If you’ve made one this month ~ or anytime ~ you know it’s not quite a “wrap” ~ yet! There are a few more steps before you, or anyone, can wrap up in your handmade with love quilt!

But, it’s a wrap for me, for this month-long daily post series!

Of course, it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted, then binding set in place! Oh, and don’t forget to apply a label telling your name as the piecer (and the name of the quilter, if different), the date (I use date finished!), your city/state, and anything else you want to share – like maybe washing instructions. Trust me! Decades later folks will want to know about you and the quilt's process!

Until the top is quilted, remember to always fold so that the right side is out. This protects the cut edges from raveling out from all the little pieces sewn together!

(The bold words below are what I used in my goodsearch.com search to find a link to share with you! I’m sure you can find other great resources as well!)

There are three ways to turn a top into a quilt…

Hand quilt Sew Mama Sew
Home machine quiltQuilt Bug 
Longarm Quilting Services – depends on your location…

The Next Step – apply binding Hope Yoder 

One of mine, in the process of sewing on the binding!

The Finishing Step – adding a quilt labelCreative Bug 

But then, sometimes the quilt will hang on display ~ make a quilt sleeveTallgrass Prairie Studio 
An example of one of mine: A stitched-in sleeve pocket for a wall hanging

Oops, a few things I failed to mention before…

  1. On the Stitched in Color’s website, you’ll find a great informative article on Choosing Fabrics. Among several points, Rachel talks about scale and value – something to think about!  
  1. Sew Red Glasses “Color Value Made Simple” is a relatively new product that does indeed help with color values! I love mine!  
  1. When sewing most everything besides quilt pieces together, we backstitch a few stitches at the beginning and then at the end of a seam. Never backstitch (beginning or end) when piecing pieces together for a quilt top!

I hope you found this series helpful and informative!

Wishing you all ~ Happy Quilting! 

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