Saturday, September 13, 2014

Load it Up then Stitch it Out

The few quilt block patterns I want to share over the next few days will have lots of pieces – but don’t panic! They are easy-peasy with the techniques I’ve discovered! It is, however, critical to keep them placed together in the proper order of stitching this with that after designing the block! 
If I’m not extra careful, I will invariably pick up the wrong piece, or set, and go about stitching only discover I have to rip it all out – wasting precious time and effort.
One day, I came across a fabulous ~ unsuspecting ~ tool for the sewing room! A baking sheet! Yep! It works beautifully!
I'm so thankful a reader on Moda Bake Shop's website shared this tip!

Okay, grab some baking sheets from the kitchen, or go buy some inexpensive ones (so worth the money!) then get ready for tomorrow! You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Maybe dollar store has cheap aluminum baking pans! Just a thought.


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