Thursday, September 25, 2014

THE Sewing Tool

Oops! There is one essential sewing tool I failed to mention during the first week of this year’s National Sewing Month! Better late than never!

If you aren’t using a stiletto while machine sewing anything (I’m not talking about the sexy shoes), it’s an invaluable tool!!!

Using the pointed end of the stiletto to guide and push fabric under the presser foot, keeps the fingers away from the needle! It also helps when you approach a seam intersection!
With the needle in the down position, stop sewing, lift up the fabric with the left hand, bend down & check the underneath seam and make sure the bottom seam allowance is going in the correct direction before stitching over! The reach of the stiletto works perfectly in flipping the small seam allowance which ever way it needs to be.
I happened across Quiltville’s Quips & Snips and found Mary’s beaded stilettos tutorial!!!!

Of course, I had to make some!

Since it’s not turkey season – Thanksgiving or Christmas – I couldn’t find any “turkey lacers” in the local stores. Never fear, online shopping is here! I did a search on Amazon and found lots of sources!

I have a nice assortment of beads left over from a prior endeavor…

The metal jewelry glue I found, I’m not impressed with… will get something else, probably what Mary recommended, the next time I’m in Dallas.

I made a few! I wanted to make something to give as a Thank You to the local ladies who gathered for our first Quilts of Valor sew-in.

I wrapped each one in white tissue, tied with a blue curling ribbon, and placed them all in a red “Celebration” box. When we broke away from our sewing machines and sat down for lunch, I passed the box down the table for each to take one!

 I’m so glad I took the time to do this!

Jan P. Krentz, a Quilt Designer & Teacher, has a nice selection of “store bought” stilettos to give you an idea how fancy they can be!

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