Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mixed Media

Today is the First Day of Autumn! Happy Autumn everyone! I certainly welcome cooler temperatures after a horribly hot summer! This is a special time of year, the season that brings us such a vibrant mix of colors!

I would encourage you to take a look at the amazing Images from Texas “Rob” has taken in his journey around the Texas Hill Country! This is just one example:

Such inspiration!

Now on to today’s topic…

Mixed media is also known as Fiber Art, Textile Art, or Multi-Media Art. It is the process of using a mixture of fabric textures, paints, embellishments, and other mediums to create amazing works of art! Just look at all the lovely creations I found on Pinterest…

I’ve dabbled with mixing textures and objects (doo-dads) when creating Action Quilts (aka Fidget Quilts).

I’ve also created a Prayer Flag using a mixture of applications. Ideas of many more designs and techniques are filling my mind!

In addition, Crazy Quilts are a prime example of mixing different forms of embellishments to create a beautiful work of fiber art! Beautiful embroidery stitches, beads, and ribbons are among few items artisans use on fabric to create unique pieces.

Thanks to Sharon B’s over at Pin Tangle, for providing us – for free – a gold mine of detailed information (WITH PHOTOS!) how to hand embroidery! If it’s your thing, I highly recommend exploring her TAST website (Take a Stitch Tuesday), and joining her Facebook Group!

I love the free style of Sharon Blackman!

I had never heard of the British artist Mary Fedden, until I stumbled across Sharon’s tribute to her. This is another great example of where and how folks get inspiration.

Sometimes I shake my head, silently saying, This is way over my head, especially when I see works by fiber artists like Lea McComas! This is a snap shot of her website. How these beautiful quilts are created, I haven’t a clue. I also include the listing of the various classes she conducts. If they were held in Texas, do I want to learn?  Maybe…. Someday…

But for now, I’ll create another Prayer Flag using some of the ideas found today!


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