Friday, September 7, 2012

Can’t Give Up

Have you ever told yourself, “You can’t give up!” when working on project? I keep telling myself to read more blogs and watch more videos, then try the different suggestions offered. I can’t give up. I want to master using the double needle! The technique creates a nice looking embellishment of two perfectly spaced lines of stitching – when it works.

Last August, I wrote the “Ten Discoveries” article. Item #2 was using double (twin) needles and that I would try out the technique. Well, I’ve tried several times since then. Sometimes it works beautifully, yet more often than not, it messes up. I know it must be operator error, that is, me threading something incorrectly or tension is off. I haven’t a clue how to turn a corner nicely with double/twin needles. Up until this point, the limitation is simply stitching a straight or curved line. Certainly, there are more capabilities I’ve yet to discover!

So, I go on a search for answers…

I found The Seasoned Homemaker’s article “Double Needles Can Be Fun” informative and helpful. Something I’ve not done, Leslie suggests interfacing the fabric first, then stitch with the double needle.

Nancy Zieman (Sewing with Nancy) has a short video of the basics:

AH! First time I’ve "heard" about having the thread come off the spools/source in opposite directions! Maybe this was the issue I was having!

Now back to Google because I’m still searching for turning the corner technique! My search statement: turning corners with a double needle

OH MY GOODNESS! Over ONE MILLION hits! Needless to say, I only visited a few on the first page and this is what I found:

Jacki had the same question as I did! Thanks to Pearlie’s answer on the Janome Forums site, I have a good idea how to approach corners!

Vicki shared on her blog a short video showing how she turns corners! I love visual aids!

Two sources are enough!

Okay. With the new knowledge discovered today – I can’t give up. I do believe I can tackle this technique and use it to embellish more projects! I hope it helps you, too!

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