Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Lighting – Too Much Light

It’s a must for me to have good lighting while sewing. We all know working on sewing projects in general is tricky without good lighting. I have found natural light is the best while sewing with black, navy, and dark greens, and for matching colors. It’s probably the age thing showing up. After realizing the eye strain I was going through, a simple change in my schedule now accommodates the time to work on such projects.

During early morning quiet time, or late night sewing, I’ve tried using the OttLite and the other sources of artificial light we get from the different types and wattages of light bulbs. Working with dark colors, or when it’s time to match fabric colors together, however, it’s still a no-go unless I have help with that God-given natural light!

NOTE: After my cousin, a beautiful person and quilter, recommended it, I had to get the OttLite. It is a great product! You will find both the Folding Task Lamp and their floor lamp near my sewing areas! 
Of course, mine is pink!

Love having this next to my recliner when doing hand work!

How have you resolved lighting issues?

Another thing I’ve learned the hard way: too much light, even indirect lighting will ruin fabric!

I once kept a quilt – covered with a piece of fabric – in a frame way too long, near our north window. It wasn’t directly in front of the window either! No direct east/west sun ever came through this window, only the wonderful light.

After a good while, I decided to sell the quilting frame. I removed the few rows of stitching I’d accomplished before my hands gave out with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was SICK when I saw that entire exposed section had faded! The quilt top I had totally designed and put together was now ruined.
Heart of Texas quilt - in this view you can't really see the faded part
Oh, but look at the border, you can tell!
Mother graciously had the top professionally quilted for me, even though it was ruined.

Since this happened I’ve been very careful where I store fabric and where I keep completed projects made especially for Lanetta’s Creations. I’ve found some clever storage ideas on the Internet. One specifically comes to mind that I modified to fit my needs. Fabric folded neatly on foam boards then placed in TUBS stored totally out of the sun’s reach!
Add lid, stack tubs in closet, or underneath a covered table!

I know, it’s a quandary what to do. Sewing and craft rooms full of beautiful natural sunlight is a good thing, to do the actual sewing, crafting. But please, take it from me, don’t store fabric where the light (even indirect) can get to your stash or finished items!

I have two pieced quilts, quilted professionally. The Heart of Texas one is ruined and I use as a table cover (hiding the faded part). The other, my first 1” Log Cabin, I haven’t yet decided where to hang it because of the sun issue, so it’s safely stored away in a pillowcase (re-folded periodically).

I know I can’t ever put it on the bed -

Would rather have our girls with us!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for another guest blogger!


  1. Such a good tip to share. I now store my "stash" of fabric in suitcases in my studio. It keeps the fabric from the light and makes for a nice decor. All the suitcases have special memories, an added goodness. A tip...since one can not see through the suitcases to look at the fabric...I have taken a photo of the opened bag and put ii in a file I go to the file box before I go looking through the suitcases.

    1. I love the suitcase idea!!! Such a clever way to keep the fabric and memories fresh! Truly like the idea of photo taking to "label" and know which one it's in! Very organized!

      Thank you so much for sharing this great storage tip!


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