Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest for Sewing

This morning I wanted to simply share a thought provoking quote about sewing. I went on a search for the perfect one. Then I got distracted! Not surprising, I get distracted quite easily! However, during the distraction phases I usually stumble across amazing information I wouldn’t have found otherwise. This is a good thing. But, I can get seriously behind doing the things I really want to be doing! 
I’ve heard Pinterest has opened up to the masses. Originally, you had to have a way in from a friend’s invite, or get on their long waiting list. That must have been during their beta time. Anyway, if you’re not yet on Pinterest, I highly recommend the amazing resource! WARNING: Very addictive!
If you’re not on Pinterest, the following won’t make a bit of sense… sorry!

If you are, I have a few boards

Remember, I was searching for sewing quotes...

The first listing on Google happened to be a Pinterest link from Hayes Sewing. I immediately clicked “Follow All” as their 18 packed-full boards with amazingly beautiful inspiration and will be a place I will return, and return! This is a perfect example of the huge benefits of Pinterest!

Then I searched within Pinterest for “sewing” – forget today’s perfect quote – pictures say a 1000 words.

Okay. Now I really need to get off of Pinterest and get busy sewing!

Hope you have a perfect Sunday!

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