Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Live!

Back in August, I was reading posts on Facebook and happened to catch a call out by the folks at National Sewing Month. They asked something like, if you had a sewing blog, and wanted to list the link to it, then do so in the comments and they would get back with you. Well, they got back with me! I received an invitation to write an article for their blog! This honor/article went live yesterday!! They also include a giveaway! I hope you check out the article, leave a comment, and enter the giveaway!

You will not be surprised when you read Simply Priceless.

The Sewing Camp 101 at So Sew Etc was so much FUN...

... and went along with the theme for National Sewing Month!

I know I mentioned it Monday, but didn’t explain then that it was the NSM post, and their invitation that got me to thinking! This is why I reached out to a few women I know personally, and those I've met through Facebook, and extended an invitation to complete an “interview” for Lanetta’s Creations! The first begins tomorrow!

Hope you have a Splendid Saturday!


  1. You are really making a name for yourself in the area of sharing Sewing techniques-questions and answers! If anyone has a question and needs an answer related to sewing, Lanetta will find the best answers (sometimes there are more than one best). She will also give you the source for her answer! Lanetta does the research for you! So proud of you that others are noticing you hard work!
    Thanks for "finally" making my life a bit easier! (jk)


    1. Thank you, sister!

      Whatever I can do to help! ;)


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