Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just One Block

UPDATE: Thank you all for participating in this endeavor! I'm in the process of assembling the fourth and final quilt top for this project!

I listed first the Quilts of Valor Foundation in my Community Service article back in September. Yesterday, while working on a scrappy quilt for the QOV National Service project, a light bulb went off...  actually several went off (with the help of a friend!). But, for now, I want to share, and ask of you… will you make just one block for a QOV?

Maybe you want to help, and say “Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and valor,” but don’t have the time to create and piece together an entire quilt. Maybe you can do just one block in a matter of minutes, then mail it to me!

There is an urgent call-out for more QOV since the Nightly News did a piece on this fabulous endeavor last Monday (10/21/2013).

I will collect the blocks, put them together, and get it quilted & finished according to their specifications. I will share pictures of the finished project with everyone!

What I need in just one block (based in part on their requirements):

š                  Use PRE WASHED high quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric appropriate for an adult.
                              Do not use sheets (bedding), thin, stiff, metallic or scratchy fabric.

š    9.5” x 9.5” block – in any design you would like to create using RED WHITE AND BLUE colors!

  š  As customary in quilt making, a ¼” seam allowance is used.

Need ideas for a block? I did a google search and found quite a few “free quiltpatterns” !!!

Please consider helping me get another quilt together by making just one block!

Thanking you in advance! Send me an email when you need my address!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Accountability to Myself

Working up my three “game plan” agendas before I left Dallas and returned home, able to get back to the studio, was the best thing I could have ever done! It so helped me stay focused on things I wanted to accomplish ~ besides a bit of housework and home renovations! Part1 is now officially done!

I created Momma’s phone pocket necklace and got it in the mail to her on Tuesday (Monday was Columbus Day, so no mail)… she loves it! I will see her this week and will take a picture of her wearing it! But, for right now, this is what it looks like…

I think he’s a cutie! I couldn’t follow the pattern/materials per se on the owl pincushion, but I don’t think anyone will notice! I didn’t have any yellow felt, so had to use the thin foam board for the beak and feet. It sews beautifully! Also, I wish I had used the more solid looking pink for the body’s front and the noticeable print for the pocket. Didn’t “see” the difference it would have made before I stitched it all together! Her instructions were clear and easy and had a bit of humor sprinkled throughout. I didn’t have anything she suggested to add weight to the bottom after stuffing… so I used washers (like bolts and washers, washers) from my husband’s workshop! He’s not fallen over once!

My first project working with Pet Screen went well, but will use a bit more screening in the next creation! I love the fun print on this one and wanted more of it to show. 

Scary zippers aren’t as scary any longer! I didn’t use a pattern, just based the bag on the size of the zipper! I like the angle of the print I’ve seen on other bags and just did my own thing on this one. I believe a fun zipper pull is called for, but haven’t yet decided what to make… still thinking about it!

Oh, My! This is what happens when you take a boring lamp & lampshade and turn it into something magical…


With my 1.5” left over scraps, I stitched them together, machine quilted, then applied a binding… and made a “mug rug” which works beautifully with my mouse!

And, now my sewing room will always have a yellow rose….

I have finished the First Christmas gift and I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow! Once received, yes, it’s an early gift, I’ll post pictures! Even if it’s not liked, or wanted, it’s the thought that counts! Right!?! At least, I created it with lots of love.

Okay. I’ll be honest. The fabric origami wallet didn’t turn out nicely. I don’t like the way the wrong side of fabric shows when no bills are in place. I’ve pressed out all the folds and will just do something else with the bandana fabric! Maybe someday I’ll try another origami design.

More shopping bags… a long way to go….

1,612 to go!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Gibbs Slap

Fans of the television show NCIS will know what I mean. It’s a wordless, “What are you thinking?” or “Snap out of it, now!” or something not as nice like, “Get your head out of your a$$!”

Rule #5

I thought it would be a good thing…

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating a new direction for the business side of Lanetta’s Creations. Yesterday, I started gathering information, searching the Internet for “how-to” this and that, the legalize necessary to turn a dream into reality, and began a cost sheet.

Then it hit me…

The mental Gibbs Slap caused by my own hand!!!

What am I thinking? I’m considered a “senior” in lots of retail stores… and I’m thinking about starting a new-to-me endeavor with high start up costs?

Snap out of it, now! Goodness gracious! Get over it and just move on… it’s too late…

I won’t go “there” as to the last one as it’s a little dark!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sewing Groups

Are you part of a sewing support group? With access to the Internet, it doesn’t have to be a physical group, where you travel somewhere and gather with like-minded folks in person. In this day and time, virtual groups are but finger tips away! I’ve found some on Facebook,, and I’m sure others are out there.

A while back, I created an open group on Facebook. The Sewists Group “about” states:

This is a support group of like-minded folks to talk about the love (and sometimes the frustration!) of sewing, receive help on any issues/problems related to sewing, and share ideas/links!

In September, I don’t know how I found them, but I stumbled across the Facebook group, Sew Modern Dallas Chicks! They meet at various places around Dallas (like a Hobby Lobby) as well as have online challenges! I didn’t get a chance to attend a gathering while in Dallas, but I do intend on participating in their October online challenge!

Their “about” states:
This Dallas-based sewing group is for beginners through advanced sewists. Do you want to learn or love to sew, quilt, embroider or any other artsy sewing? We sew just about anything from clothing and fashion accessories to home decor! We meet at a few stores around the Dallas area (primarily the North Dallas area) to learn the basics to advanced techniques. We also have open sewing known as ‘Saturday Sewing Socials’. We occasionally attend area sewing events.

If you’re on Facebook, how do you find sewing groups?

Search “Sewing”
Refine the search by clicking “Groups”

Scroll down the list! To see more, click the down arrow (bottom center of the list) to load more!

Don’t fret if it says “Closed Group” – click “Join” if the description suits your fancy! As soon as you click join, it changes to “Request sent” and most likely, after the group’s administrator sees your request, you’ll be approved! The group name will show up on your “home” Facebook page.

Once you’re in a group, if you don’t think it’s worthwhile, simply click “Leave group” and it’s done!

For me, groups on Facebook are much easier to find and become part of the discussion than Yahoo.

Do you have an online group? Are you part of a group that you would like to recommend? I love learning from others and see what others are doing!

P.S. Since I posted this article, I found & joined two more groups on Facebook!

  1. Sewing Tote Bags and Purses
  2. Sew Many Sewing Friends

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lacy Flowers

Strips of fabric, scissors, small circle of felt, and a glue gun! That's it! I just discovered A Little Shabby Chic - and had to share!

 I can't just watch one...

there are so many others sharing their techniques!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Game Plan - Part 3

When I return to the studio, I don’t plan to “cross the cattle” guard for a good while! I hope it works out this way! (It's already changed! Must attend training to work the November election! Oh well, at least I'm working!) Setting up a game plan has been a big help to keep me focused and on point. After I get a bunch done shared in Part 1 and Part 2, I plan to create a few things I found during the September long National Sewing Month’s celebration ~ for myself.

I recently made a camo handbag but it needs to be a bit larger for all the stuff I carry around with me. The next one will have an internal zipper like Craft Passion explains in her tutorial.

Although summer 2013 is over, I think the wide brim hat is perfect protection from the Texas fall/winter sun rays as well. Before I start the much needed work on our keyhole garden before winter hits (readying it for a spring garden), I need something like this. I’m thankful The Weekend Designer provided a great tutorial.

I have a bit of muslin fabric in my stash I’m sure won’t be used in the other projects previously listed/planned. I believe it will be perfect to try my hand at printing… oops, reminds me, I need to put celery on the grocery list! Wonder what I could make to display the original printed fabric? Maybe a pillow?

I know I have to wait a while before tackling the suitcase. I would love to work on it, to get it done to help organize my dolly things, but I must place it on the bottom of my list. 

And, Last But Not Least … I want to learn how to use my new embroidery machine!!!! I need quiet time to study and practice…

Now, something fun for you…
  • When you see a post on my Facebook page, something like: “Part 1, DONE” or “Part 2, DONE” etc. ~ you’ll know what I’m talking about!
  •  Be the first to comment on my Facebook page, mentioning at least three (3) items I should have completed to be “Done” and win a handmade prize!
Good luck!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Game Plan - Part 2

I’ve already started a few of the Community Sewing projects mentioned previously.

A Veterans scrappy lap quilt is in the works. I need to finish it up before I get into the box of scraps I’ve set aside for it and do other projects with them instead! I started it back in August/September when I had my sewing machine in Dallas, while caring for my mother. After completing only two rows, I decided my back needed my normal cutting island rather than one of her regular dining tables. I had to put it on hold until I can dedicate the time to finishing!

While back at the country on a short visit last week, I could not not sew! So, I created a few shopping bags. They are similar to the Green Bag Lady’s, but a bit more finished & detailed. I completed five and have an additional five cut out & ready to sew but ran out of time due to helping with house renovation projects. Anyway, I may take the time to do some appliqué on a few of the bags! Or, at night while watching television, I could weave some ribbon fishes for a bit of embellishment!

My goal is to provide everyone in my little town a shopping bag! According to the 2010 census, I have 1,617 more to make!

I’m thinking… I may need to re-think that goal unless I get some help! I can see an assembly line and not everyone participating has to know how to sew! Cutting out and ironing/pressing would be awesome help! Maybe I can get a small group together! Wouldn’t that be a great winter project to do for and with the community?


In addition to the shopping bags, as I pull out to work a box or sack of fabric that family and friends have given me, I’m sorting the larger pieces to use in creating fun pillowcases. None are cut out ~ yet ~ but I know where I stacked the dedicated pillowcase fabric pieces!

I don’t remember how I found them, but I contacted Volunteer Match. I found a call out for sewing items I could create and simply mail to the organization for distribution where needed. Something called dignity scarves caught my eye. Come to find out, they are similar to my Wearable Napkins! So, I’ll use some of the larger pieces of fabric to create a few for their needs.

Working on a few more ideas.

Part 3 is a "work in progress" game plan to get things done and seriously downsize my stash!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Game Plan - Part 1

The other day I wrote, Name This Post, basically stating I had so much to do, so little time. I was totally confused as what to do, where to start first, etc. It was my way of asking for help! I know, I know! I’m on my own to figure it out!
I decided to go back through September’s posts and pick out the different things I shared and would like to do first, second, etc. So...

When I get back to the studio –

Before I do too much of anything else, I must design/create a phone pocket necklace, and get it in the mail back to Momma! She’s always forgetting to carry a phone with her, or when she does remember, she sticks the phone in her pants pocket & inadvertently pushes the “on” button or it slips out of her pocket into the chair! I totally forgot while she was visiting with us at the country last week! Should have done it then! Oh, well!

The Owl Pincushion is my all time favorite as it uses different scrappy fabrics and a variety of stitch applications. I can’t wait to get this made and use it while I’m creating everything else!

I found/bought some black Pet Screen at Home Depot (I know, black is not as fun as a “color”) but the fun print I’m going to use with it should work out nicely. I need a bag to carry my sewing supplies back & forth to the quilting club gathering I hope to get back attending when things calm down. On this one, I plan to use the open wide zipper technique Noodlehead shared.

I’ve mentioned several times… I have lots and lots of scraps. After cutting something out, if I have even enough to make a yo-yo from the tiniest scrap, I toss it in a box. After finding out about this clever lampshade, I can use the long scrap leftovers, not wide enough for a yo-yo! Okay, need another box for my upcoming collection. I have an ugly shade stashed away I’d like to recover and this will be perfect in getting my sewing room reorganized and prettied up!

Speaking of prettied – for me, I need to also make some long-stemmed flowers for my sewing room. I think I can spare 5” x 45” cuts off of some fabric before making into a pillowcase or shopping bag or wearable napkin. I’m thankful Snowy Bliss showed how to make them!  

I have a bit of Christmas Sewing I need / want to do. It won’t be too much this year… but I have this Hawaiian print I want to create something totally unexpected. I have a game plan… but I can’t share any more until after Christmas!

Another Christmas idea, after I make one for myself out of camo to match my handbag, is the origami wallet I found while writing about fabric origami projects. Bee a ba explains very nicely how to create it! I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for Part 2! I'm still working on it!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Name This Post

Who is on first?
What is the priority?
When is the best time?
Where are the answers?

So much to do.
So little time.

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